Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Little Miss Fierce, Part 2

Angel Daughter Number Four was born to the music of Beauty and The Beast.  It wasn't planned, it was more like kismet and a sign of things to come.  There I was, laying on the operating table during my C-section and as the doctor lifted my little angel baby into the air, someone in the room commented about the song that was playing.  The music wafted melodiously through the air and into my baby girl's ears.  I like to think that it was at that exact moment when my littlest Angel realized her love of music. 

Last month, I wrote about AD4's alter-ego, Little Miss Fierce.  My mentor and friend, author Peggy Payne wrote about AD4 on her blog post titled Raising Children Who Shine.  Peggy is a New York Times Notable author.  One of her books, Sister India(available on amazon), is one of my all-time favorite novels.  She is also a writing consultant and a very good one, at that.(If you have any writing needs, she is offering her services on sale, for a limited time.)  But one of the neatest things about Peggy is that she embraces boldness as an important and admirable quality.  Her blog, Peggy Payne's Boldness Blog, revolves around ideas of boldness.  Her writings constantly challenge me to live my own life in a bolder, more colorful way.  Peggy really enjoyed the pictures of Little Miss Fierce that I posted after her dance competition and so I promised to post the video as soon as I was able to.  My dad, AD4's Pop-pop, posted the video up on UTube.  He likes to say that AD4 got her dancing skills as a result of his dancing days with the Radio City Rockettes.  I'm not exactly sure how he managed that one, but he is one of those people who could get you to believe just about anything.  He is a very proud grandpa who takes an involved interest in all of his granddaughters.  They are lucky girls.

If you would like to watch Angel Daughter Number Four tear up the dance floor, then just take a look at the video below.  My dad labeled the video and put a prompt on it so that AD4(Mikayla) would be easier to find.  She is the smallest one.  Front and center.  It might be a bit difficult to follow her all the way through, but somehow I know you will get the idea.  After the dance, there is a short clip of the award presentation.  Just look for the littlest girl who is bouncing off the floor in true Tigger fashion.

Angel Daughter Number Four is fifteen years old now, but she only began dancing, seriously, about two years ago.  Kismet, indeed.


Maria-Thérèse said...

Oh wow - looks like she was born to dance!! Coool video. I think I would have focused on her even if you didn't say who she was :-D

How on earth do they manage to stay in sync - they are so many?!

Pam said...

They say that good things come in small packages and yours is a true gift from God...
Tell Pop Pop he did a fantastic job of filming his little grandAD4 :D
Have a blessed day, Debbie

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Can't see the video but will come back later to try again. Love how you talk about all your girls...as if they are true gifts from God. I bet they really are.

Love this.

Hallie :)

Blue said...

that was awesome! what a fun experience for her. she's darling. i enjoyed the performance, and your dad did a great job splicing the clip. way to go M-girl! ♥

Sunshine said...

Deb, what a fun video to watch.... She love dancing like me .... She did awsome job performing... Deb, i put a new post at my blog.. i have an idea about you what will be your response but want to make sure i am on the right page..

Tell your angel I love her performance.... Well done..


Angel... said...

Great post Debbie, I love your all Angel daughters..Everyone has a good talents..I enjoyed Video of your Angel daughter. Brought tears to my eyes.. She rocks and her group as well.

Sabi, is right too. She love dancing as well. You just need to tell her once and after she will never stop. haha

See u later..

Ness said...

I LOVE her name!

And yes, she is perpetual motion and I love it. I was able to keep up with her throughout the whole dance.

And, I'll have you know, Beauty and the Beast is Roger and mine's song. What date was she born?

Thank the videographer for me...I love-love-LOVE watching dance competitions. Kiereney was in them and it brings bach good memories.

Congrats AD 4!!!!!

Debbie said...

Now that is talent! I love to watch dance.

Peggy Payne said...

Thanks for the kind recommendation, Debbie. And I like the Beauty and the Beast story.

One of my pals dreamed she was taking a bow with an orchestra when she fell asleep after her first child was born. He is now a classical musician who plays with an orchestra.

Poetikat said...

I haven't forgotten about you, Debra! I'm tagging you for a fun meme.


Claire said...

That was so neat!!! I have a daughter who's a dancer, as well, but more of the ballet and jazz/contemporary variety. :)

Her Tigger jump cracked me up.

Joan said...

wow! she may be little, but she is mighty on the dance floor! Super job!
(enjoyed the video, your dad did a great job.)
thanks for sharing

jen said...

oh, how very cool. i can't wait to check out that blog!

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