Friday, December 4, 2009


                                          *Photo borrowed from the Camp Jack website

This is Jack.  Jack's Mommy is a very dear friend of mine and has been for over ten years.  Jack's Mommy was the most incredible teacher that my two oldest Angel daughters were lucky enough to have, and when they fell in love with her, Mark and I did, too.  From the day that I met Jack's Mommy, Jen, she talked about having children and was finally blessed with two.  Jack and Kate.  When Jack was three, he was diagnosed with stage four neuroblastoma, an extremely aggressive form of cancer.  He went through chemo, radiation, and two stem-cell transplants which bought him five years, eight and a half months of joyous life.  Those years were not without complications, as Jack lost much of his hearing and ended up needing to wear a hearing-aide, but to have Jack on this earth experiencing life with his little sister, Kate and his two Mommies, made all of the torturous treatments he went through worth it.  Jack was living life as only he could!  With love and joy and wonderment.  Jack is an amazing little man.

So, so sadly, neuroblastoma(a word I could barely pronounce, let alone spell before it reared it's ugly head inside of Jack's body) has returned.  It has returned in a way that may be consuming sweet Jack's body, but not his spirit...No, never his spirit.  Unfortunately, it seems as though his beautiful, battered body may not be able to stand up to the rigorous treatments which would be required in order to take a stab at this horrible beast, once again.  Jack has already been through more in his little life, than most adults will have to experience in a lifetime.  There are still options, but thinking about them is enough to make your head spin around.  Jen and Steph are now struggling with the decisions that they must make.

My hands are shaking as I type this and my broken heart is beating wildly, for there are just no words to describe what I am feeling.  No words at all.

Please add little Jack and his family to your thoughts and prayers.  His website is  I know that Jen and Stephanie truly appreciate knowing that their boy is being blanketed with lots and lots of good energy.  Feel free to leave this beautiful family a note letting them know that you are there.  They need all of the support that they can get right now.(Thank you, Ness!)

And as you go through your days, please think about Jack.  And when you do, send him as much healing love as you can muster.  Jack is a little man worth knowing.


jojo said...

sending love and prayers for Jack, his sis and mommies. Hugs to you Deb...

Sarah Lulu said...

My prayers go out to him. xx

Nina P. said...

And with your heartfelt post, we now do know little Jack. His photo and your words have forever touched my heart. My Healing thoughts and prayers go out to him, his sister and his Moms. I do so wish someday caner could be put to rest. May God Bless Jack and his family with Healing, Hope, Love and Understanding. There is power in healing thoughts and prayer, for Jack to endure what he must and for his loving family to have the strength to stand by his side through it all. Blessings to jack and his family, Blessings to you and your family. Peace be with you all. Love and Light, Nina P

Laura ~Peach~ said...

i hate cancer it sucks and neuroblastoma is a thief of too many of our children... prayers for them all. What a beautiful little guy Jack is :)

Peggy Payne said...

What a lovely little guy! I'm pulling for him, Debbie, and for all of you.

Laura Hegfield said...

Oh Deb,
Such a beautiful little boy, my heart breaks too for him, for his Mom's, for you and your family, for all who have the blessing of knowing him. At the same time...clearly, knowing young Jack is a gift that will remain with you all forever as you will be part of his continued soul journey for as long as he is embodied and beyond...a thought I know is painful to say, yet perhaps is a healing balm for year hearts too. Thank you for introducing us to this courageous and sweet being. I will stop by at caring bridge and connect with Jack and his Mom's in the morning.

What a dear friend you are to ask for prayers for little Jack from all of us. I will send him reiki and love.


Anonymous said...

This is truly heartbreaking. I will definitely be keeping him and his family in my prayers.

Maria-Thérèse said...

oh no - he is so, so little to have to go through all of this! I hope a miracle will happen.

jenX said...

i'm with laura. i hate cancer. this mother does not deserve this sentence. they have my prayers today and every time God brings them to my mind. i hope it's often. because only Lord God can carry a burden this heavy. she's blessed to have a friend like you in close proximity to her.

debra - springsteen is coming to tulsa. =)

Anonymous said...

Hi Debra, my heart aches after reading this. I can not imagine what his family is going through, but I would so love to send Jack and Kate a little goody love to place a smile upon their faces. If you would prefer I could send it to you and you could give it to them for us. I send them all my love.


deb colarossi said...

oh. Debra.

I have read your posts.
This unspeakably tragic and yet incredibly beautiful story of Jack. Of love. Of hope. Of you.

I have to reread , and then I'll say more.

hugs to you.

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