Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Gift of a Moving Train

While waiting to cross the train tracks the other evening, I stood patiently watching for a train that was not yet in sight.  The signals were there.  The red and white arm which serves as a physical boundary lowered itself right in front of me.  The red flashing lights alternated like a sentinel keeping watch.  And instead of questioning the possibilities, I stood tolerantly waiting for the train to approach.

At first, it approached as several lights in the distance, incandescent beacons illuminating the dusky twilight sky.

The lights pushed their way through the darkening horizon gaining brilliance as they sped their way towards me.  Horn blaring strong and loud.

Closer and closer it came, at first appearing non-threatening and almost toy-like and then...real.

Before I knew it, the train was upon me, rumbling past in a whiz of light, color, smell and sound.

The breeze pushed me back a step or two, but I stood unwavering as the train soared its way past me from wherever it had come, moving on to where it was going.

I felt almost dizzy on my feet, taking a moment to absorb the possibilities of what ignoring the signs of the impending danger might entail.  All of the warnings were there to keep me safe and sound.  Yet, the choice was mine to make.  Take heed of the physical boundary, the flashing lights and the blaring horn, or move forward with reckless abandon.

I watched as the train sped past and then disappeared into the distance.  The arm raised and the lights stopped flashing.  The scent on the breeze turned from metal on metal, back to salt-air and sea.  It was, once again, safe to cross.

Life is, so often, like that.  We are offered harbingers of what is to come, but all too often, we ignore the signals.  Things are placed into our pathway so as to gently, or not so gently, guide us towards safety, and yet, we sometimes refuse to take a moment to evaluate.  We ignore the guidance.  We attribute the dizzying feeling to a bad burrito.  We close off our ears to the blaring horn.  And then we wonder why it hurts so much when the train seems to come out of nowhere and hits us head-on.

In 2010, I will listen more intently to the voice which starts out tolerably gently, rather than waiting until it becomes a roaring train barreling past me(or worse yet, over me!) in a near miss.  I will search for the smaller signs instead of waiting for the flashing lights and sirens to alarm my adrenaline system into a state of panic.  I will pay more attention to the physical boundaries which are seemingly placed in front of me, randomly.

We all have our own emergency alert systems.  God, The Universe, intuition.  Our job is to pay attention to the signs that tell us that the train is coming.  And then to stand back and watch the marvel of it, without getting harmed.


Laura Hegfield said...

This post, your images, thoughts are easily as powerful as that train barreling through! Here's to tuning in to the "signs"...the tiny niggling wake up calls...the "still, small voice" within.
happy new year!

Ness said...

I have chosen the words Simplify and Dash this year in addition to my word Believe that I chose the day of my cancer diagnosis on 07/19/2005. Your post was so touching to me. Thanks for being you and posting from your heart that helps so many others of us. Love you-mean it!

Anonymous said...

What a great post.

Coffee Bean said...

Wonderful post!!! Love the pictures to go along with the words of wisdom! You have a gift.

miruspeg said...

Deb I will digest your wise words over and over again.
I do try to pay attention to my intuition and when I am out walking each day I ask the angels if they have any messages for me.
Brilliant post as always.
Big hugs
Peggy xxxx

Sunshine said...

HI Deb

Happy New year 2010.. May god brings you lots of happiness and prosperity in life.. Glad to be back on track..:)

Sunshine said...

HI Deb

Happy New year 2010.. May god brings you lots of happiness and prosperity in life.. Glad to be back on track..:)

Mickey (Michel) Johnson said... i enter into the new year...i truly hope to keep the desire to listen and learn from the signals around me as one of my foremost responses...i am taking a few big leaps this year, at least big to me and i pray for the guidance and the spirit to listen and then the strength to follow. xo, mickey

Nina P. said...
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Nina P. said...

Oh I so love this post. The photo's are magnificent and the words so very true. So often we listen to our self our ego and not the intuitive, gift we have. We are the temple that houses the Great In, Through and With us. If we close our self our ego, we open our Higher Knowledge, Our Higher Being, Energy, God to be our leader and guide. Find that quiet place among the chaos and you will hear the answers. Wonderful post thought provoking post. And again I love the photo's! Blessings to you and yours. Love and Light, Nina P

Sunshine said...

Hi Deb

How are you? Just wondering if you are on Facebook..Let me know
so i can add you!

Take care

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