Friday, March 18, 2011

Because Our Hearts Ache, We Search For the Silly

There is a throbbing sensation propelling itself wildly into all of the nerve endings in my body.  Pain messages firing haphazardly, ricocheting off of my every cell and I tell myself to disregard them, there is no inherent danger.  Some of it is chronic illness rearing its painful head, and some of it is the psychic pain that I have not been able to shake since Friday.  All is not right with the world.  It never is.  Which is why it is so incredibly human to search for that "rightness" within ourselves.

I was told, many years ago on a trip to Sedona, Arizona with my family, that I absorb pain.  If there is someone standing across the street from me and they are in physical or emotional distress, I will somehow zero in on them.  When this happens, I try to take a moment to access the situation, but this has never been my first instinct.  My first instinct is to react.  To respond.  To rescue.  I do this often and sometimes to my own detriment.  God did not provide me with the necessary body-type to carry people out of burning buildings, but he did give me the spirit to react as if I could.  One of the many examples of "We make plans.  God laughs."  And yet, I have to believe that somehow, I am as I am meant to be.

So, my body is resonating with the pain of those who live over five thousand miles and an ocean away.  I am looking for ways in which to escape from the pain.  Their pain, my own pain.  My body's pain.  And so I began randomly scrolling through recent photos that I have taken with my cellphone.  Merely a distraction, I know, but a necessary one, at that.

I came across these photos of my youngest Angel Daughter, AD4, with our Parolette, Cody, and I was struck by the old "people and their pets often resemble each other" theory.  Momentarily, I was lifted out of the striking pain and transported to a place of tender amusement.  How I love my children.
And how they try to ignore me when I am doting upon them.

Because if there is one way to find your way out of yourself, spend some time observing a teenager equipped with a cell phone and a laptop computer trying to ignore their parents admiration.

Or a six inch bird,

which shares the same feather-color and lack of enthusiasm for the parents amusement as said teenager.

And see who gives in first.


Mumsy, Chancy and Co. said...

Sweet Debra first I want to say I am so sorry for all the pain you are having to endure. I have a dear friend who does the same as you with other people's pain. So I understand what you are saying. She has often told me if it is a gift she is not sure she wants it. I am glad you found something to make you giggle and smile for a few moments at least. Will pray that this pain lifts from you dear, sweet friend.

I love the pictures. Had to smile when I saw your daughter's hair color, she really does match the bird. :) Hugs dear friend!

miruspeg said...

That is why I love you so much Debbie. You care, not only for your family, but for all life entities.

You have certainly hit the nail on the head about humour, we certainly rely on it when the going gets tough.

Bless you my dear sweet friend and I wish I had the power to heal your chronic illness.

Peggy xxxx

Tracy said...

...a gift and a curse, for certain! There is so much pain in the world right now and to endure all that seems immense~ I pray for your peace of mind and inner peace, although it won't come easy~ but I think you know that.
I love the photos...the first one is particularly precious.
Have a good day and hugs to you!

Catherine said...

I'm so sorry you are not feeling well! Hope you get some relief soon.

Your photos are cute ~ so true isn't it!

Warm hugs,
xo Catherine

Renee said...

Sometimes it is hard to distinguish between physical pain and the pain that comes from not having filters....I too have been told that I feel the pain of others and have no filters from the energy around me, so I must be careful with who and what I surround myself with. It is the way we have been created and wired I expect. It is hard not to feel the pain of those who are suffering in Japan right now...or the people fighting for their rights. Rights we live with every day. Sending gentle cyber hugs your way and lifting you in prayer for a release of the added pain and the ability to focus on the silly in your sweet bird and daughter.

Sharon said...

The perspective in these photos is amazing! You have a gift for finding the beauty and the fun while the world tries to "right" itself.

deb colarossi said...

I think it is such a testament to your soul that you seek and find beauty ,
even though
even while you are suffering and worrying and trying to remain centred while so incredibly sensitive to life and all it's paradoxes.

It inspires and humbles .

Kathleen Botsford said...

I missed this while traveling. What a cute little birdie! Maybe a distant relative to your new friend on Saturday???

LauraX said...

Love this Deb, but I am deeply sorry you are in pain. My escape this week has been back to back episodes of Desperate Housewives on Hulu...and watching my youngest stellar performance in a school play Saturday evening. Love to you dear one!

Anonymous said...


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