Monday, June 13, 2011


Momma Agave plant reaches her stalk high up into the moonlit sky.  She began to flower a couple of weeks back and I keep an eye on her with an almost incorrigible curiosity.  It is as if I should look away, I will somehow miss something.  Something I might never witness again.  As I wrote about several weeks back, these particular plants only flower once every one hundred years or so.  I am awed to be present during this part of the plant's life-cycle because of the infrequency with which it occurs.  It truly is something to witness as these plants remain quietly dormant for most of their lives and then suddenly,  as the silent timing of nature takes hold and a stalk reaches gracefully upwards into the sky, the Agave plant is transformed into something much more ethereal.
There was something about the way in which the moon colored the sky, two nights ago, a cerulean blue, celestial and other-worldly.  Looking up, I traced the lines of the giant stem with my eyes, noticing the way in which each branch, each bud, each flower, stretched mightily for the heavens.
And then I found myself doing the same, fingers clenched together over my head ascending skyward toward the Divine.  What is it that seems to draw our souls upward with a longing that is difficult to describe?  And yet, I believe that you know what I mean as I write this...

*Thank you for your kindness, your prayers, your energy, before, during and after Friday's court hearing.  Turns out, that there is no clear-cut law(actually none that either attorney could find) stating that someone who is not a parent seeking custody or visitation with a child(or children) is responsible to pay attorney's fees to the individual who is being sued, win or lose.  That being said, our case is so unusual that the judge does not want to leave room open for an appeal which could take up tens of thousands more in dollars and two more years in court.  Also, judges do not like to be overturned on appeal.  So, the ordeal continues.  Both attorneys must submit briefs stating their arguments and cite laws that will show that it is, or is not,  legally necessary for me to pay my niece's mother's attorney's fees.  We will then head back to court in July to proceed from there.  From where we are standing now, it does not look as if she has a shot at receiving a penny from us, which is good because we have already suffered and lost too much.  And she is nowhere near being a "poor widow".  She received an enormous worker's comp settlement after suing my brother's employer.  He was not on the job when he died.  It is a wacky world we live in.


Mickey (Michel) Johnson said...

hang in there sweet one. i know it must be hard. know that i am thinking of you and sending positive thoughts and holding you to the light. love and peace! xo, mickey

Angella Lister said...

perhaps that agave plant is flowering right now to tell us all something about taking a long view. that blue of the sky is just astonishing. thank you for allowing us to share in this. it's is miraculous.

sending loving thoughts about the case. i am so sorry you have to go through this. hugs.

Miss A said...

I'm sorry this is dragging on and I do hope you won't have to pay anything. I puzzles me as to why this woman who lost her daughters's father, her husband, wouldn't want her kids to keep a bond with the closest relative their father had.
I know all of this hurts. Hang in there.
And to answer you on your last comment, yes, out of love I'd be willing to relocate. I am as free as a bird.
Hugs and kisses.

jojo said...

sending loving, healing thoughts your way sweet Deb.

Mark said...

Beautiful description of that plant and how it makes you feel. And beautiful photos too. m.

Catherine said...

The colors in your photos are so pretty Debra!

I'm so sorry about your nieces. It certainly can not be easy.

Sending you extra big hugs,
xo Catherine

Tracy said...

It is a crazy world we live in and seems to be getting crazier and crazier as the days go by.
I am so sorry for all this mess surrounding you and I hope it is not stealing your inner joy!
thoughts and prayers are with you!

Sharon said...

I wondered what the flower would look like ~ a gift you will never forget.

Renee said...

The color of the sky in your photos is amazing...what you are going through with the court and your neices mother suing amazing in another way. Good grief. Glad to be able to pray. May the God who draws our faces upward bring you peace.

Peggy Payne said...

Debbie, I'm so sorry you're still having to deal with this. As an aunt of four Angel Nephews, I especially sympathize. Glad you can take gorgeous blue pictures anyway.

LauraX said...

Oh the most amazing blue...and that moon...the grace of this plant filled with sweetness reaching upward, preparing to blossom...sending you strength as you continue to grow and bloom...opening tenderly in the light of what will be and what is now in this moment.

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