Monday, August 15, 2011

I Like to Watch

Watching someone surf who really knows how to maneuver themselves around the waves, is like watching a dancer upon the water.  The rhythm of the waves matched with the synchronized movements of the human body can create a beautiful, exciting tango between man and sea.
The other day, we had some great waves which brought the serious surfers out in larger numbers than usual, but this guy really caught my eye.

He was confident and fearless.  He rode with the movement of the waves instead of trying to fight them.

His intensity reminded me that being here, in this moment; as a part of this moment, is what can make us clearer and more successful in all of our endeavors.  There are so many things that can knock us off course causing us to break the rhythm, taking us away from the original moment.

The beat of life can change in an instant, distracting us from what is here and now, forcing us to stumble, to lose balance, to fall.  But if we remain intent on the moment, even with all of the challenges that are trying to break us, we can dance on any wave that comes our way.

And we can make it look good...

It just takes some practice, persistence and a deep desire to stay on course even when the waves of life are determined to bring us down.

I thought about this moment when I was on the phone with my mother yesterday and she was doing her best to sweep me up into the frenzy which is her life.  She knows that there are some things that I will not discuss with her even to the point that I will be forced to end the phone call if she brings them up.  I have made this very clear.  My husband has made this very clear, but still, my mother and her husband cannot seem to help themselves.  Yesterday, I was having a quiet day with Mark and while I was preparing dinner, I decided to make an obligatory call to my mother.  Things are not good for her, but so much of it is her and her husband's fault that I can only offer practical support and not much else.  Still, they try very hard to suck me into their drama, to hurt me, to bring me down into a whirlpool of sadness and then anger.

I am working on(and have been for a very, very long time) remaining on the waves, above the water.  Remaining steadfast in my moments without getting caught in the undertow of the lives of those who surround me.  It's definitely not an easy task.  There are so many times when I stumble and get knocked down, way, way down.  But I am getting better at keeping the beat with a much greater ease.  And that is simply all I can do...All we can do when other folks try to sweep us up into their drama, do a little bit better at deflecting it with each experience.  As my dear friend Kathleen Botsford has reminded me, my mother is one of my greatest teachers.

So hang ten...

What is that other expression?  If it's not one thing, it's your mother...

With so much love to all of you,


Renee said...

Oh, I love this..the analogy is great and I relate to it very well. I, too, have been dealing with a couple of people in my life the past 3 days who create alot of drama. I have let myself be held captive by it for many years and have worked on setting boundaries and takng care of myself. Some days I ride the waves well, other times not so good...but a work in progress!!
Wishing you many days of riding the waves, Debra and complete peace and joy in the process...
Our greatest teachers? So very very true!

Miss A said...

First I'll talk about your amazing surf pictures. You've captured the essence of surfers so well, you should print a few out and give them to this guy if he surfs there regularly, he's absolutly stunning! I love surfing, and yet, I'm the worst surfer ever, not gracious, lousy balance, I'm afraid of the water, at the same time, I have amazing respect for the oceans and being out there is the best adrenaline ever.
As for your mother... I'm sorry and I know the struggle it is to not be swept away by all of this. Keep your head above, keep your entire self afloat and yes, hang up when you need to.
Hugs, you're amazing!

miruspeg said...

ANOTHER great post Deb! And the photos are fantastic. If you see the guy again show him the photos I am sure he would like copies.

Being in the moment must be flavour of the month, because last week I did a post called Be Here Now. It is so important to remind ourselves to enjoy the moment and always be present.

There will always be people and mothers especially, to try and spoil the moment but hopefully we are now wise enough not to be dragged down into their darkness.

So keep shining dear Deb.
Warmest heart hugs
Peggy xxxxx

Mark said...

"So Hang Ten". My, you're a regular Gidget, aren't you?
My office life has gotten so much better over the years once I stopped listening to office gossip. It really can get you down and at one point, I bowed out.
Your Friend, m.

tj said...

...So perfectly stated. I agree with you 100% and it is very hard to do, to not let negative people affect you or your life. I am and have been for some time going thru that same thing as you, there are some days when I feel like I can't shake it, it's as if the negative has a hold on me and it's trying to suffocate me. Some days I feel like I'm losing the fight. :o\

...Such lovely photos Angel Deb and I agree with others here that I bet that young man would love to see the photos you took of him, they're perfect! :o)

...Keep on hangin' ten my friend! ;o)


Mickey (Michel) Johnson said...

negativity has it place i guess, but not in my space. i am so glad you can disconnect from it and stay in your own present is really hard to not get hooked. hang in there! xo~

Angella Lister said...

amazing photos! especially the second to last one.

may we ride the waves with as much grace and flow.

love to you.

Kathleen Botsford said...

I am finally caught up enough to spend some time visiting. These pictures and your prose remind me of some Zen saying I read years ago. Something about how life is best compared to learning to surf. You said and illustrated it much more beautifully! Thank you! xoxo

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