Tuesday, November 27, 2007

My Husband, Our Oldest Angel, and Me

It has been a very long day, and I am at a loss for words!  I was rummaging through my pictures and came across this one, which made me smile and miss my oldest angel, all at the same time.  She is an actress and this photo was taken a few weeks ago after one of her performances.  She is such an incredible human being, and we are so very lucky to have her.

May you come across special things, at just the perfect times, that renew your spirit, and remind you to smile through your most exhausting moments.


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Too bad you're all so UNATTRACTIVE!! :-)


Humble Origins said...

...Yes, I have to agree with 'wonderful world of weiners' above - such a beautiful bunch! You all look like a made for TV family! Is there something you're not telling us Debra?...lol... ;o)

...Beautiful photo from a beautiful person! :o)


Debra W said...

Hallie and TJ,

You both make me blush! Thanks for making me smile!


KellyJean said...

Wow! Y'all are gorgeous!

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