Sunday, March 22, 2009

Facing the Winds

It's a cold and windy day here in Southern California.  Especially along the coastline where there sometimes seems to be a separate weather pattern which often takes over.  So windy, in fact, that in place of the surfers who normally dominate this portion of the coast, there were wind surfers who only have the opportunity to play on this particular beach maybe three to four times a year.  Mark and I ventured down to the beach to do some seaglass hunting, but because of the way in which the wind was whipping around, we had to turn back.  As I hunker down tonight, I hope that the conditions are better tomorrow.  I have become so accustomed to my beach walks, that without them I begin to feel as if I have missed a very instrumental part of my day.  To me, it is like yoga or meditation.  A refreshing break for both body and spirit.

So now to the real reason for this evenings post.  I said that I would announce the winner of my gratitude giveaway, yesterday, but the day got away from me.  We ended up meeting with my Sister-in-law and my Angel Nieces during the day, yesterday(Yay!), and then immediately took Angel Daughter Number Three out for her seventeenth birthday dinner.  It was a wonderful day filled with family, friends and fun, but of course, it left me little time to do anything else.  

The winner of the beautiful Energy Muse bracelet is DAH, DAH, DAH, DAH:

Jenn is a longtime reader whom I adore!  She also has a wonderful blog of her own.  She is a very good writer and quite a funny person, so pop over and say hello if you ever get a chance!  I am sure that you will enjoy her as much as I do.

And because I wish that I could give everyone who entered a bracelet, I decided to indulge myself by choosing one more name.  Having four daughters does that to me!  So, the surprise winner of the second Energy Muse bracelet is, Drum roll, please:

I guess that the Jens are very lucky right now!  Jen is another one of my favorite bloggers!  She is informative, witty and very kind-hearted.  Jen and I have a kind of other-worldly connection that I might just have to share with you someday.(That is, if it's okay with her.)  If you haven't already read her blog, hop on over there.  In my opinion, it is the best blog coming out of Oklahoma, these days!

So Jenn and Jen, please email me your mailing information when you get a chance and I will send your wonderful Energy Muse bracelets out to you by the end of the week.  I think you will enjoy them as much as I have.  There is a certain energy about these bracelets which makes wearing them a very positive experience.  There are instructions that will come along with them which will tell you how to make them your own.  They are truly a joy to wear.  I will be sending out two different ones, but somehow I am certain that the correct one will end up in the right person's hands.  Each one is adorned with a Chinese coin that is anywhere from one to five hundred years old.  There is something about the coin that makes me feel more connected to the past, yet also helps to ground me into today.  I promise to give away more bracelets in the future, so if you did not win this time, your chances will get better next time.  Thank you all so much for letting me know what you appreciate about yourself.  As women, we often neglect to give ourselves credit for the positive qualities which we possess.  If I can somehow encourage us to do more of that, then I will be a happier person.

Be well, my friends.


Laura ~Peach~ said...

awesome and congratulations to the winners!!!!!!!

Jenn-n-n said...

Oh my Gosh Debra !!!! Thank you soooo much I am so excited!!!!

I am just going to be hitting the road soon to go home so I will email you once I get there.


Ness said...

Congrats to the winners! I need to change my name to Jen! lol

KJ's surgery is this Wednesday at 9 a.m. Roger is home and doing better. Deb, I am so in need of a beach walk and some sea glass. I feel like I've lost myself over the past few months and need to find me again.

Happy birthday to your Angel and SO HAPPY you got to see the SIL and the Angel Nieces. Prayers are working! Love you~mean it.

Debbie said...

I knew my momma should have named me Jen.

jenX67 said...

YIPEE!!!! I can't believe it. How awesome. Ever since you wrote that awesome post about the energy bracelet, I've wanted one!!! You're so generous Deb. I thought of you yesterday - I came across a Springsteen recording from 1997 that I have NEVER heard and get this - it's a rare folk song called "My Oklahoma Home." I will post about it soon.

Thank you for your generosity. I can't believe I'm going to receive something your energy has surrounded. What a gift, jen with one n. Ha!

jenX67 said...

of course you can write anything you want. i have no problem w/ you sharing our connection. when the spirit moves you, jen

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