Thursday, July 30, 2009

Nourishment for the Soul

There is something inherently beautiful in understanding that the Universe will provide us with exactly what we need.  Now, I say need, because there are times when all I want, is to consume an entire hot fudge sundae with extra whipped cream.  It is then that I step outside, to find that the cherry tomato bush that I planted in the beginning of summer, is bearing seven gorgeously sun-ripened tomatoes.  Enough for a perfect salad, complete with butter lettuce, crisp cucumber and seven, still warm from the sun, tomatoes.  A little bit of heaven.
It is truly in the details, in the minute, seemingly insignificant things that we might often find our deepest needs fulfilled.
And yet, unless we look very closely, unless we stop to examine the ordinary things that make our souls cry out with joy, then we often neglect to notice the simple miracles which are placed right on the path in front of us.
How many times, during my walks on the beach, have I passed over a simple piece of seaweed covered in vibrant bubbles from the ocean?  
Art created by nature, so simple, yet complex when actually examined.  What I thought I wanted during my walk along the beach, that day, was seaglass.  What I found was what I needed.  A second look at seaweed covered in rainbow-tinted bubbles.
The miracles are endless.  I realize this as I come upon an enormous, tree-size piece of driftwood that is wedged into the sand.  It would probably take several good strong men and a large truck to move this tree.  And yet the ocean, in all of her lovely splendor, somehow effortlessly tossed this onetime tree around in her waves, and then deposited it on the shore.
Huge mounds of seaweed showing off their roots in the open air, like giant sunflowers raising their heads to the sun.
And this little guy.  A foreign looking , alien-like creature, smaller than a half-dollar, stuck on the sand.  If I had not looked down, if I had not stopped to examine its unusual appearance then I might never have learned that this is a star fish.(Google is also a small miracle.)  And my oldest daughter, my sweet angel, might not have saved its life by gingerly picking it up and placing it back into the ocean. 
Coming up on this rock, my first reaction to it was that it resembled a human heart.  Not the cute little hearts that we all love so much, but a real heart with arteries and ventricles and the Life Force coursing through its veins.  It almost took my breath away.
A Sea Urchin.  Absolutely perfect in its form and grace.  After reading a bit about the Sea Urchin, I discovered how incredibly important it has been in the study of immunology.  And yet, to me, it's just beautiful.
I could not exactly figure out what this was before it became a part of the shoreline landscape.  Possibly a giant Sea Urchin?  
Standing on my deck at the end of a hot summer afternoon, I spotted these two graceful dolphins and my heart skipped a beat.  I will never tire of seeing dolphins out on the open sea.  They are some of the most humbling and awe-inducing creatures in the world.  Somehow, I always seem to spot them when I really need to.  Rarely, if ever, when I want to.

We often think that we know what we need because it is what we want at the time.  But oftentimes, our desires are only made clearer if we open ourselves up to the possibilities.  I cannot say that I do not sometimes indulge in the pleasures of a hot fudge sundae.  I do.  But I thank God for the miracles that sometimes lead me in the direction of fulfilling my needs, especially at times when even I am not exactly sure what they are.


Snap said...

It is amazing what the universe will serve up to us when we least expect it. Beautiful post! (I love a home grown tomato -- nothing tastes as good! Chocolate sundae isn't bad either!)

Mickey Johnson said... this post and the pictures. we just came home from a vacation at the beach and i would wake up really early to catch a glimpse of the dolphin pods who would swim together in the morning. like the little things in life that make it so meaningful, so too are our friends who swim through life along side us. xo, mickey

jojo said...

everything has a time and a place and a is incredible and miraculous indeed..;p

Blue said...

as a child i used to fantasize about having a relationship with a dolphin. i had read madeleine l'engle's "a ring of endless light" and just fell in love with the possibility of knowing one, and having it know me. in all my years growing up there, i never saw any dolphins in the ocean. but i did get to spend a day having an incredible adventure at dolphin quest in bermuda. it was unbelievable.

Art by Julie H. said...

As I was reading your entry I was reminded of the dream I had last night, I was walking on the beach which is weird because I don't even live anywhere near the sea. However, I don't remember finding all the wonderful things that you found. I have always found inspiration in taking a detailed look at your surroundings and you do it so elegantly.

Sunshine said...

Deb, it so true that we desire it will come to you when you open your open up. But i have question why poeple everytime need or desire why we can't just say you know what i want to give instead of wanting something, try to give something i dont know lot of people i know they want not give
anyway i enjoy reading your post on this one and enjoy every bit of it ...makes my mind think a lot


jenX said...

These bubbles and seedweed took me far back, Debbie, to my earliest childhood memories - running on Huntington Beach, California. I rarely want to go back in time, but I so wish I could go back to those years - the very early 1970s - my father was my age. I'd sit with that little girl, get to know her better. She wasn't so bad...

You make a difference.

Jacque said...

So true and so beautifully written, it is always a pleasure to read your words, thank you~Jacque

Angel... said...

Debbie, its so true.. I enjoyed reading it..and beautiful pictures as well..

rivergardenstudio said...

Gazing at the ocean, walking on the beach, finding small treasures. Endless joys and gifts for you, and I love how you share them with us... Roxanne

miruspeg said...

Hello Debbie
You have combined beautiful photos with delightful words. And a perfect title for the post.

I believe we all need our soul to be nourished and that the Universe will provide us with exactly what we need.

Thanks for your lovely words over at my blog and look forward immensely to getting to know you.
I feel we are both walking the same path along with many other bloggers.

Peggy :-)

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