Wednesday, August 5, 2009

When Love Crosses Your Path

There are times when love just happens to cross the path that we are walking along, causing us to momentarily lose our breath when we least expect it. There we are, just strolling along while seemingly minding our own business and WHAM, time stands still before we can even find the comprehension to metabolize what just happened. Who we truly need, at that exact moment in time, somehow strolls(or in this case, struts) right into our life and before we know it...LOVE causes our heart to skip a beat and a new story is written.

Angel Daughter Number Two came across that kind of love, fairly recently, when this tiny black and white bundle of fur caused her to stop in her tracks on her way home one evening. There he was. All alone and vulnerable and frightened, and there she was, journeying into a new phase of her life feeling much the same. When I received the phone call telling me that she had just rescued a scared and lonely kitten, I knew that it was too late for reversal. Serendipity, kismet, destiny, LOVE. Who would I be to interfere with all of that? And so, Rex's path intersected with that of AD2. They have been walking together ever since.
Except on certain weekends, when AD2 is busy. That's when she drops him off with me and I get to experience the energy and joy of a kitten without inheriting another cat. For now, this is as close to a grandchild as I want to get and it's definitely good practice. I get to love Rex up and then send him home.

This weekend when I was baby sitting for my grandkitty, I noticed something quite extraordinary about him. Do you see it? Look closely...

Right there, in the center of his back is a perfect heart.
How incredibly unusual it seems to me, for love to step right out into our path, while wearing its heart on its own sleeve, so to speak. When I pointed this out to AD2, she was mesmerized by both its obviousness and obscurity.

Maybe this has to do with the fact that love is often obvious and obscure and blind. Love is a feeling. A simple rush of hormones set flooding into the body to let us know that something quite obvious has just occurred. Yet love is also quite obscure, reminding us that it isn't something that crosses our paths everyday.

How lovely it is when love is not only imprinted upon the soul, but visually manifested, as well.

Serendipity, indeed.


Maria-Thérèse said...

awwwww! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

and those dots, and that heart!

WV LeAnn said...

Beautiful! I've inherited a puppy the past few weeks that my daughter has left me while doing her summer vacationing here and there. It's amazing how a pet can capture our hearts and help pain and hurt we are feeling. Unfortunately, the puppy will be leaving me in a week and it so has depressed me and is starting to make me feel empty. I can't believe how much joy and fulfillment he has brought me. Pets are healing and wonderful. I'm sure this cat is loved and cared for so much and his heart will only grow bigger! WV LeAnn

Snap said...

Wonderful. AD2 and Rex were meant for each other. Love the heart and his ears! He's going to be a big kitty if he grows into his ears! :D Love is a wonderful thing.

kim-d said...

Awww...I noticed the heart right away when you said there was something to notice!

I am so happy for AD2 AND Rex. I firmly believe there are no accidents when it comes to love, even when it is with a furbaby...sometimes maybe even especially with a furbaby. I know that is true with both of my kitties. Especially my boy, who is the oldest of the two--he was given to me at a time when he was just exactly what I needed.

They are BOTH adorable, separately; together, they are adorable and precious!

Jenny said...

What a beautifully touching post, Debbie. God's beauty and grace truly touches everyone and everything, doesn't it? :)


Sunshine said...

deb... it's very beautiful post with lovely picture of kitty's . I love cats i think they are so cute.. enjoy reading your post.


Ness said...

First of all, the sea glass went to Buffalo with me.

Second, when I looked at the first pic of Rex from the back, I could see a dog face and it reminded me of my Colin.

I love my grandcat, Jake. I know he will be leaving with Michael sometime soon to start a new life and I'm glad Michael has him. So far all my grandchildren are furry, but that's fine with me.

Take care, dear Deb. Love you.

Irene Latham said...

Deb! A Cat with a heart on it!! how brilliant is that?! Totally made my day. :) xxxxxxxoooooooo

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

You won!! You won!! You won yesterdays prize package! :)

I need your address please!


Art by Julie H. said...

What a lovely post, opening your home has opened the door to love.

Catherine Holman said...

What a sweet baby! We lost our beloved 11 year old tortie cat, Callie, a couple of weeks ago and our hearts are broken. However, a new little adopted dog has come into our lives to help us mend.

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