Monday, February 1, 2010

Head Trips and Headshots

There is a voice calling my name right now.  It is a tiny voice but it grows annoyingly louder as I try my hardest to ignore its screechy, just below the surface, whine.

"Deeeebra", it says, "Debra, this is your laundry pile speaking."

"Go away." I whisper inside of my head.

"But, Debra, you are about to get a letter from the Board of Health."  Hey, that isn't the voice of my laundry!  It's the voice of my father, trying to fool me into starting another load of wash.

I feel the heavy, relaxed weight of my sweet cat nestled up next to my neck.  Her body radiates a warmth that is very difficult for me to walk away from.  Next to me on the floor my dog, Becca, breathes with a rhythm that only sleep can bring on.  The computer rests on my lap and I am scrolling through my emails for the day.  White light flickering accented with black type.  It's all very hypnotic.

And then, something takes hold of my attention in a way that very little else can.  In an email, is a photo of my oldest Angel Daughter.  Not just a photo.  A headshot.  Her headshot.

There she is.  My Angel taking flight towards her future.

I allow my head to fall back gently on the headboard and I take in the warmth of a good life.  My good life.  My breath slowly synchronizes with the rhythm of the room and I fall contentedly into the moment.

Once again, I am confronted with the voice.  "Debra, I'm still here.  I'm not going anywhere..."


PS-This is not the finished product as AD2 will be perfecting the photo to color enhance and remove any imperfections.  What do you think?


WV LeAnn said...

What imperfections would need to be removed? Beautiful picture and understand you being so proud and it making you feel peaceful and blessed!

Laura Hegfield said...

Exactly what I was thinking...what imperfections? Just gorgeous! Love the cobalt really brings out the color of her eyes! laundry pile has that same sneaky irritating this secret laundry code aimed at tired women who have better things to do than endless laundry? I don't think it's your laundry warns me about the board of health too...hmmm.

Mickey (Michel) Johnson said...

...the color is gorgeous and all i see is perfection! xo, mickey

Cheryl Finley said...

Hi Debra,
Oh, what a lovely post. Your description of being in the moment is amazing. I felt like I was right there. With that descripton how could one not be filled with gratitude. An your Angel Daughter...a beautiful head shot. She's beaming, and she wears that color well. The marvelous blessing of family... a gift indeed.

Keep enjoying more times like the one you describe, if you can.
Abundant blessings to you and your beautiful daughters, and husband (and furry family members too!)
with love..and a hug..

miruspeg said...

Hello Deb
I felt sure I had commented on this post but maybe I went off to do the laundry and didn't come back....LOL.
You have a lovely writing style as you take us to where you are with your flowing dialogue.
Take care my lovely.
Big hugs
Peggy xxxx

Anonymous said...

I agree with everyone that this is a beautiful photograph. And I hope that you will strongly encourage your daughter to write. Whether she wants to be a dramatic actress or comedic actress, or perhaps a little of both, your daughter should write the role that she wants to play, and then find some creative friends or film students to help her make her film.

She will definitely need your encouragement because writing is extremely challenging and frustrating. But ultimately, writing is the best way for her to occupy her time, and to feel that she has control over her acting career.

Debbie said...

What imperfections? Looks pretty perfect to me.

Linda Lou said...

What a lovely photo of your daughter-the pride you must feel! I know that feeling of your warm cat on your lap, and other "important" tasks await you, I would rather sit with my cat than do laundry any day!

Ness said...

I can't imagine enhancing perfection. She is stunning.

Tell your laundry to shut.up. You are spending quality time with your cat and taking care of what's! Love you.

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