Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Other Side of Angels or Why the (most days)?

*a tiny bit PG
It usually begins like this.  Momma asks very, very, very nicely to take a picture of her four Angel Daughters together.  Then they moan and complain about having to stand still for more than ten seconds while Mom checks the viewfinder to make sure that everyone is behaving appropriately and that there's no funny business going on.

Then, the funny business begins.

And mysteriously travels from one Angel Daughter to the next, causing Momma to twitch involuntarily while trying to keep the camera still.

Next, the huddle.  This is when a language, which is only understood by sisters, is spoken and a plan is conceived.

Laughter ensues and even though I know that I have reached the point of no return, I plead with them to just pose for one more picture!

More sisterly giggling as they prepare to unleash their sinister plan.

I only had a younger brother so I am not necessarily privy to the devious minds of sisters.  The worst thing that my brother would do would be to make bunny ears behind my head, or refuse to stand within several feet of me because of the cootie possibility.  But sisters, they are definitely a different progeny.

They are willing to unite forces in order to witness Momma's hair turning grey right before their very eyes.

But this is when a moment of madness turns into a secret deepening of love in my heart disguised as exasperation.  Because I know that they love each other so much.  And I know that they speak a special language that only four united souls will ever truly understand.  And I also know, that they are sometimes willing to share that language with me in order to "let me in".

Four Angels Momma(most days).  This is my life and I would not have it any other way.


Karen Deborah said...

this post is adorable and so are they.

Debra W said...

Thank you, Karen Deborah! I always appreciate your kind words:)


Renee said...

Enjoyed seeing the photos...and reading your post too....What beauties your angels are!

Debra W said...

Thank you so much, Renee. I am always so happy to see you stop by!


Mumsy said...

Those pictures are great, what beautiful girls and wonderful smiles. Thank you for sharing them. Hugs

Joanne said...

You have a beautiful family, and they look so happy! What a great bond they have, I'm sure you enjoy witnessing it every day. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog :)

Debra W said...

Thanks Mumsy! I "threatened" to use them on my blog when I took them, so the girls knew they were in "trouble"!

Joanne, thank you for stopping by and leaving me such a lovely comment. They do have a wonderful bond which I just know that they will appreciate even more as they get older. It is something that brings me joy every day.


Neil and Susan Brown said...

What lovely daughters Debra! They also seem to be great friends, you included.I bet there is always laughter in the house. Wonderful blog and so nice you could share it with us. Cheers! :)

Sharon said...

You got some great shots and had lots of fun, too. The funny ones are the ones we remember.

Thank you for your encouraging comments at my place. My youngest is the age of your oldest. Circumstances with my children have changed in the last year and everything feels different again.

Meili said...

Hi Deb. This post made me laugh out loud. My sister and I (12 years apart) also do things to make my mom a tad bit uncomfortable. It's just so easy to do!

Your daughters are adorable.

Laura said...

sister language is indeed unique...and four of them!!! I experienced it with my two sisters growing up and see it in my two girls now. What a joy it is to witness that magical bond of love.

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