Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What Falls From the Tree of Life

I sometimes feel naked and transparent as I navigate my way from the darkness into the light, from darkness into light, from darkness into light...And at nearly forty-eight years old with four daughters of my own and a loving, supportive, fantastic husband to turn to, there is still someone else whom I feel the absolute need to turn to when something threatens to break my spirit, castigate my soul, reproach my heart.  There is still someone whose opinion, approval, encouragement I must have in order to feel more confident in my own decisions, someone I often feel pulled to turn towards after I cry into my husband's shoulder.  Someone who I am so much like, that he is often a mirror of my own soul.  A reflection of who I have been and who I might someday become....

Someone who helps to shield me from the darkness.  Someone who leads me back into the light.  Someone who I speak to on an almost daily basis and who occasionally leaves me strange and cryptic comments on my blog that only I would understand.  Someone who I will never stop needing for as long as I live.  My dad.

Thank God my four daughters have been blessed with the same kind of man.


Laura said...

So sweet and loving. My Dad is here to prepare for Rosie's bat will be the first time we will be together for Father's Day in 11 years!!!

I hope you are feeling better today!

Blue said...

my kids are lucky like yours. as for me, i so can't relate! ♥

Anonymous said...

Such sweet things to say about your dad. Wouldn't it e wonderful if everyone had great dads? I can feel the love you have for your dad in the words you have posted here.

Love the pictures.


Anonymous said...

A touching post.

Mickey (Michel) Johnson said...

...although my father graduated from this world seven years ago on father's day...he is still here in my mind and my heart. i see him in myself and in my boys and i know he sees us too! xoxo, mickey

~Cheryl said...

Such a beautiful, symbolic post. Thank you for stirring my heart!

Pamela said...

Hi Debra

I wanted to stop by and thank you for visitng my blog 'Wading in the Sea and becoming a follower.
I really like your blog as well and I am now a follower!
Pamela xo

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