Wednesday, October 6, 2010

San Clemente in October

Last week, the skies were filled with a blazing, golden heat which should only be reserved for the dog days of mid-summer.  The sun bore down upon us and the temperatures reached record breaking numbers as we were left to wonder where the fall had gone.

One of my favorite little Hummingbirds began buzzing around me as if to command me to refill his feeder.(Which I promptly did!)  And then he thanked me by lapping up the cherry red nectar with a thirst that seemed insatiable.
The ocean was clear and warm and mild.  Light breezes toyed gently with the sails on the sailboats.  Fresh Kelp beds(the dark areas out in the distance) thrived as the algae spores rose upwards toward the sunshine.
The beaches became crowded, once again, with people seeking relief from the unbearable heat.  They explored the numerous tide-pools on the lazy, heat-infused, autumn afternoons, momentarily forgetting about school and pumpkins and Halloween costumes.
The sun glistened off the surface of a surfboard, as people sought shelter beneath the comfort of a sole umbrella.  Content to be by the water on this misplaced summer day in early October.
The sweltering heat felt like it would never subside.  It hung in the air.  It surrounded our bodies.  It was stifling and stagnant.
Until suddenly, it was not.  Change blew in and the skies began to fill with fluffy, ethereal puffs of white clouds.
The heatwave broke.  Windsocks, flags and palm tree branches began dancing on the balmy, beach breezes.  The rain storms which would take place during the next several days, once again misplaced, were beginning to form.

And once again, the flocks of giant Pelicans remembered that it was time to go home.  They took flight against the grey skies in large numbers, their silhouettes creating beautiful patterns against the darkening clouds.
And as I watched them flying overhead, I once again remembered that I, too, am searching for home.  A home within myself.  A home to which I can fly, even in the absence of wings.  A home that includes my husband and my four Angel Daughters regardless of season, place or time.  A home that encompasses everything I need and not so much of what I don't.


Anonymous said...

Amazing pictures and wonderful words sweet Debra. I love what you said at the end of your post. I am so thankful that the heat broke and you got some cooler weather. Big hugs!

Renee said...

I love seeing all this photos of your corner of the world. So beautiful! We have also had what is called here by old "Indian Summer"....warm, dry, sunny. I think we all search for that special place we call what you have shared here about it. I am always inspired when I visit your cyber home.

Sharon said...

So glad to hear that the heatwave has broken and cooler weather prevails. We have had lots of cloudy damp days this month, but today the sunshine is bright and the air feels like fall. The seasons remind us that life goes on, changes and all.

Catherine said...

You have some very beautiful photos here ~ lovely!
xo Catherine

Laura said...

Oh Debbie, I feel like I'm home with you when I read your I'm right there, HERE. HOME. Friends are home, you know what I mean?

Every photo is a delight to me...not what I see from my gnome mound...but through my magical macbook window into your HOME, our friendship home. Our, special treehouse...just for dear friends.


Something Happened Somewhere Turning said...

Beautiful photos.
I hope all is well and everyone is in good health.

Mickey (Michel) Johnson said...

glad it has cooled off for you. i love winter at the feels like it is just me and the sea during that time of year. the pictures are gorgeous! xoxo

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