Saturday, September 25, 2010

Prehistoric Angels

With all of the nuances of a nonevent, the seasons slowly change.  Tiny transformations barely noticeable. Overlapping. Inconspicuous.  Initially subtle.  I watched as pelican after pelican soared gracefully past my window, today.  Some in large flocks, creating linear shapes against the backdrop of the sky.  Others, singularly making their way along along the warm autumn air currents, wings spread as if their spans might reach from cloud to cloud.  Prehistoric looking angels heading south towards Mexico paying their last respects to the Southern California coast.  Another summer spent.  Another fall burning its way into a late California heat spell.  Another year into the autumn of my journey.
There is something about observing the way in which nature denotes the transformations of one season into another.  Intuitive.  Profound.  Exquisitely complex.  Internal clocks shifting until there is a new balance found.  From where we have been to where we are going.  A time to move from one place to another and then another.
And all along the way, we spend some time in each season.  Hopefully nurturing the present while anticipating the future and building upon the past.  Each season coming and going like a checkpoint along the journey of our life.  There is a flow to all of it.  A quintessential rhythm rounding out the seasons.  Winter.  Spring.  Summer.  Fall.  Winter.  Spring.  Summer.  Fall.
And just as the Pelicans make their way back down south each autumn, following the fibrous evanescent thread of instinct, we also journey our way through the sequential seasons of our lives.  Making our way through the translucent veil which segues the very subtle transformation of one season into another, into another.  Gossamer.  Gauzy.  Ethereal.  Our spirits open wide like the wings of a pelican making its way back to home.  Carrying all that has been, all that is, and all that will be.

Happy Autumn...


Mumsy said...

A very nice post and great pictures. I noticed as I read that your post has a rhythm also. Pelicans are very interesting birds. Hugs

Neil and Susan Brown said...

Wonderful piece Debra. Its nice to be reminded about the balance of the seasons. I loved the pictures of the pelicans. Memories for me of being a young girl in California. Its getting crisp here at night, but there is a lovely energy. Happy Fall! xoxo

Laura said...

Your descriptions of transition are so eloquently written dear one. I am looking forward to journeying through autumn with you!

Catherine said...

Terrific photos and lovely words!

Hope you have a terrific week!
xo Catherine

Joy Palakkal said...

Beautiful pictures!!
Nice post..
With All Best Wishes..

Kathleen Botsford said...

I actually stood in my front yard yesterday and tried to stop the march of time! Really! I held my breath and willed time to stop as hard as I could! It is making me crazy! It just keeps going faster and faster! I wanted to check in with you but now I must go outside and watch for pelicans before I miss them. Ok, in Chicago we have geese. I'll watch for geese. These very sentiments have been flooding my thoughts and my blog also, just not so eloquently!

Laura said...

Hi sweetie have a surprise waiting for you at my blog :)

Mickey (Michel) Johnson said...

wonderful composition my friend. hoping all is going well. think of you so very often. i love the pictures. pelican are some of my favorite birds. i used to have a carved wooden one that my father gave me that had a fishermans cap on a a corn pipe hanging out of it's was very cute, but over the years disappeared:( xoxo

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