Thursday, November 11, 2010

I'm Just Wild About Harry and Harry's Wild About Me!

I ventured down to our neighborhood bookstore this afternoon, but I must divulge a secret.  It was not only reading that I had on my mind. While I absolutely love to read and I devour several books a month, I have an ulterior motive when I go into The Village Bookstore in San Clemente.  Yes, they have a wonderful assortment of books both new and used to peruse and yes, it is such a lovely treat to be able to shop in a real bookstore with dogeared classics and crisp new releases containing uncracked bindings.  But the real, real reason that I nonchalantly pop into this particular book shop is...Harry.  Harry is a giant puff of fur and attitude who can often be found sunning himself in the shop window.  On days when Harry is not immediately in sight, I browse through the stacks of impressive titles keeping my eye casually out for two things.  A fabulous read, and  Harry.  Today, I happily found both.

Here was Harry's reaction to my enthusiastic squeal of delight.

It began with this:

Morphed into this:

Segued into this:

And finally, in true cat-titude form, concluded with this: 
Don't you just love it when someone is genuinely excited to see you?  Me too!

I spent several moments visiting with Harry.  We had a lovely chat.  He recommended a couple of good books, struck another handsome pose and strutted away into the bookshelves.

And that is why I am wild about Harry.

I just finished reading Freedom by Jonathan Franzen which turned out to be a really good book and I am in need of another good story to whisk me away into other worlds, other lives, other perspectives.  I purchased Beloved by Toni Morrison and The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton with no particular reason other than they both caught my eye and Harry thought I might find them interesting.  I chatted with the book shop's owner for several minutes about how difficult it is to raise children right now and how I think that today's generation of young people is growing up at a more difficult time than past generations.  She agreed.

I then made my way home to my kitties and dogs and Angel Daughters(well, only one today) and husband and put dinner in the oven.  And I thought about how nice it is to have a neighborhood bookstore that has a persnickety cat who is not at all embarrassed to show his true feelings and an owner who enjoys chatting for a bit.

Do you have a neighborhood shop that makes you happy?  How about books?  Are your reading anything interesting right now?  And about this generation of kids...Do you think it might be harder for them than it was for us?

And welcome to all of my new readers!  Please leave me a comment and let me know that you stopped by!  I appreciate all of my readers very much and love to hear from you.


Catherine said...

I love the fact that this sweet kitty hangs out at the book store. No wonder you read so many books ~ so you can go back and visit this handsome boy! I would for sure shop there too. Fun stuff!

I don't have any favourite stores like this where I live.

I love to read too but I'm not reading anything at the moment. I write an exam this morning and then I will be free from studying and be able to go back to reading a book for enjoyment. Not sure what book I will start next. I have about 9 on my bookshelf waiting to be read. :)

Happy Friday!
xo Catherine

tj said...

...Oh Angel Deb, I adore Harry! Every bookstore should have a Harry, only then would they be complete! :o)

...I am going to check into that book, I love hearing from others who love to read and hearing their likes and dislikes. At the moment I don't have my nose in anything 'cept a paint can...ugh! That is figuratively speaking mind ;o)

...Thanks for taking us along to your fab' bookstore! I only wished I had something like that in the town near me. Unfortunately the small town I live near isn't very inviting, pretty or useful for other than pickin' up chicken feed! lol... :o)

...Have a great weekend Angel Family and blessings too...

miruspeg said...

Deb after reading your blog I always come away with a smile on my face and love in my heart.
Your photography is outstanding and your story telling is engrossing.
I am totally mad about Harry too, what a gorgeous creature.

I very rarely visit book shops these days as I volunteer for Lifeline and help run bookfairs each year. So each Monday we sort through hundreds of is my second favourite day after Wednesday which is Joseph day!

The last book I read was "Eat, Pray, Love" by Elizabeth Gilbert. It is one of the top ten books I have ever read. I thought the film was a disappointment because it did not convey the soul of the book.

Talking of souls.....keep shining my beautiful soul friend.
Peggy xxx

Sabi Sunshine said...

Dear Deb:)

Here I am ... sorry to reach you late in your blog...

Harry looks awesome ......luv the way you took the photographs.... it's amazing ..

How's everything with you?

Have a wonderful weekend!

Sabi Sunshine

LauraX said...

LOVE this post Debbie! I do have a fave neighborhood bookstore, though I haven't been there in a while. There is something quite special about a place that isn't super modernized and 'just like every other store'...alas there is no Harry at our place. But I enjoy the little "love notes" as I think of them by the people who work at the store...they post little messages about books they adore on the shelf above their favorite book picks...and I really appreciate their insights and descriptions. They are always right on target and makes choosing a book I otherwise never would have noticed a delight!

Kathleen Botsford said...

Love this post! And thanks for stopping by and your words of support. It is difficult. I can not even begin to sort out my feelings with enough clarity to put them down about the end of football and soon college for my son. It has all been such an important part of all of our lives. There's a tentative post today. I have Freedom but have not gotten to it and Beloved....blew me away years ago. And the movie....get ready for some huge "Momma" tears! I love catching up with your beautiful daughters as well! Maybe a trip to SC this winter....hmmm?

Mickey (Michel) Johnson said...

harry is indeed one handsome and hospitable boy! hope you remembered to get a book. i think i might have been too distracted by that beautiful face and lively conversation! xoxo

Neil and Susan Brown said...

I love Harry's expressions! I'm sure he gets quite spoiled with all that attention.
I often have a few books going at one time. It's great to get lost in the world of books. It distracts us and gets us out of ourselves. Whether it is philosophy or fiction, books open other perspectives. Wouldn't it be nice to find a coffee place to sit and chat after a visit with Harry? I think I know what the discussion would be......It is very difficult for young people these days. I think youth lack mentoring. They need someone to look up to and respect.
Have a great day and yes,my nose will be in a book. Susan xox

Tracy said...

I haphazardly came across your blog while visiting Peggy Payne's...I'm glad I did!

About Harry, we ALL need a cat like Harry to put into perspective our place in the world; we are just minute individuals who thrille some, but others would just as leave keep to themselves!

thanks for adding a smile to my face!

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