Monday, January 31, 2011

Rushing in

Somehow the birds seem to sense when there is a storm forming on the horizon.  Their flight patterns change from smooth and flowing to erratic and haphazard.  They seem to whirl around in a vortex of confusion, riding solely on the currents of the incoming onslaught.  They stretch their wings as wide as possible.  They prepare.
The skies and seas change from grey to silver to a bluish, pearly, sterling.  I watch as all of this plays out before me.  I see the fury.  I see the beauty.  And there is value in all of it.  In all of it.
Yesterday, as I remained safely ensconced inside of our home, I observed as the sky darkened rapidly over the pier.  I thought about change.  I thought about transformation.  I thought about how the storm would rush in whether I wanted it to or not.  I thought about how life presents us with options and choices and paths to be taken, oceans to navigate, puzzles to unpuzzle.  But nothing is easy.  Nothing is easy.  I felt my own resistance curling, squeezing deeply within the core of my belly.  Fear?  Aversion?(The stomach flu?)  What is it that truly holds us back.  I wonder.  I wonder.  I struggle.
But like the birds, who eventually find their way out of the funnel of the storm, I breathe in, I let go, I spread my wings out further and farther than the discomfort seems to allow.  And I speak prayers of healing, of forgiveness, and of strength; out loud.  I allow them to get caught up in the whirlwind of the oncoming storm.  I squeeze my eyes shut.  I wait for the answers. And I know which is stronger.


deb colarossi said...

Simply gorgeous and full of hope.
Photos and words.

tj said...

...You're so stinkin' awesome! :o)

...Love the photos and the message, so beautiful. Just like you Angel Deb...

...Blessings... :o)

Renee said...

These pictures are so beautiful...and your words too. I read your posts with expectations for what I will learn...and I am never disappointed.

Angella Lister said...

Ah this is so very much the way I have been feeling, but so much more positively processed and expressed. Thank you dear Debra, for standing in the light for me today. It was needed and appreciated. Love to you.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful post and great shots of the clouds. Hugs

Sharon said...

Beautiful photos that translate the power and fury of the storm into color and form. And after the storm the air clears and all is new again.

The word on the Angel card I chose this morning: transformation;)

Ness said...

I envy you being able to take such beautiful pics of the ocean. You need to write books....your blog posts are so refreshing and inspiring to me. Take care and keep Michael in your prayers as he is in Egypt which is not a good place to be right now. Love you.

Tracy said...

simply gorgeous photos and the transcript, yes so true. We often feel bogged down by the storm but easily forget ehere are rainbows...may you find many rainbows in your day!

LauraX said...

Hello wise friend...a smile of recognition rising from my soles, belly, heart, eyes, is hard, this life, it is precious and beautiful and joyful and oh so full.

Ironically, you write about the spreading of wings...but my word verification code is squished...I think we all feel a little squished sometimes, and thus the need to expand beyond our habitual comfort zone when we feel safe enough to do so.

gentle steps

Kim-Stuff could be worse said...

I Love these photos! The storms do come but?? The birds do know

Kathleen Botsford said...

We are definitely in the same place. I love to watch storms come in. These photos are fabulous

miruspeg said...

Hello Deb!
tj's comment summed up this post perfectly!!!!
You are a powerful soul my sweet friend.
Keep shining!
Peggy xxxxx

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