Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Grey Stone, Crimson Blooms

As I wandered throughout my backyard, this afternoon, I felt completely awed and comforted by the variety of Spring blossoms which seemed to appear overnight.  The colors and textures and scents caused me to stop and take notice of how beautiful everything was.  I felt a sense of serenity when I looked down at our Buddha statue and observed that the only leaning flower, had landed almost purposefully in it's lap.  The contrast of the subtle, light grey stone against the vibrant, crimson red blossoms, made me think about the many contrasts which we experience throughout our days.  Hour to hour, things evolve and change.  Each moment of our life history can look very different from the last, but it is up to us to notice those changes.  Some are drastic, however, most are quite subtle and will not be noticed unless we take the time to wander slowly and to observe.

I had no purpose when I went outside today.  I only wanted to be.  And I realized that even in
the most seemingly uneventful moments of life, we can be prompted to notice some of the 
greatest contrasts.  We can observe the beauty in asymmetry, but we must be prepared by
allowing ourselves to start by just being.

If you have a few moments today, take a few deep breaths and then try to clear your mind of unnecessary clutter.  While in that moment, look around and see if you might be able to observe some of the contrasts which are all around you.  

I would be most honored if you would share some of your observations here.


kim-d said...

Right at this moment, while I am here at work, I can tell you about how it is to be at home and how it feels to be here. Both are good but in such completely different ways. Of course, home is always better because that truly is where my heart is. I enjoy being both places but, again, in such completely different ways.

Where I would really like to be is wandering around YOUR garden. Beautiful, Deb! :)

Gentle hugs and love!

Debra w said...

Great comparison, Kim! And you are welcome in my garden anytime, friend.


Anonymous said...

i love that picture, Deb! beautiful.

Have a wonderful wednesday!

Debra w said...

Thanks, Katie. So glad you stopped by!


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Everything will be okay in the end, and if it's not, then it's not the end....

Your words were very impactful for me today...

Thank you for helping improve the way I look at things!


Debra w said...


I love your outlook on things. We all go through tough times. You will make it through this.


Kellan said...

I have noticed several times today, the vibrant green of the baby leaves on all the trees in my yard - you know, the new leaves and how truly green they are. I enjoyed this post Debra - have a good evening - Kellan

Debra w said...

Thank you for sharing that, Kellan. So subtle, yet so inspiring. So glad that you enjoyed this post.


Angel... said...

I love that picture debbie...its beautiful.
Thanks for sharing with us

Irene Latham said...

Today Paul and I had lunch at a Thai restaurant and there was this huge wall sculpture not of Buddha but of some other goddess with her eyes closed. It brought me such a feeling of peace when I looked at her face... I have got to find out who she is. Otherwise we are going to be spending lots on Thai food! I love your garden. Thanks for sharing.

Ness said...

To just be.

Sounds like my agenda item for today since I don't have to work. I love watching it when it rains. I love to walk around the grass and see the little ants working for their common good of a home. I often sit on the steps out front and watch the activities of the neighborhood. If I close my eyes, I can smell someone's BBQ grill firing up for the first BBQ of the Spring. I hear the birds talking to each other from the trees. I am also a people watcher. Take me to a mall and let me sit and I am entertained for hours.

Your yard is beautiful The only thing that beats that beauty, dear Deb, is your soul and how you care so deeply for your family and friends.

I am gonna go "be" now with my coffee on the deck. Wanna join me?

As always, your posts give me strength and spoons for one more day. I have to come to CA and meet you and your wonderful family some day. Take care and thanks for sharing your words. They mean a lot.

Shari said...

I try to look for things that inspire me, impact me, or make me think. Today was pretty hard.

I'm going to try to declutter my mind and sweep out the cobwebs up there while I am at it.

Thanks for inspiring me.

Dayna said...

Good morning my friend!

I'm totally up for lunch - how about after I return from New York - that will be the last week of April, First week of May? Maybe we can meet somewhere in the middle?

I'd love it!

Grammie Hoffman in WA said...

Another eloguent post...thank you! You make my day, yes, I come here before PW! I am a little envious 'cause spring isn't quite here yet. Love to watch the rebirth of the earth.
Funny, the best people I know have a Buddah somewhere in their home.

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...
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Laura ~Peach~ said...

Beautiful pic :-) the vegas trip looks fantastic! To just "be" that is me alot of the time... I have found as I get older that the little junk just is not that important and I just can't be bothered with a lot of things that others find oh so important. love your garden :-)
Hugs to you ~

Blue said...

i've loved the pictures you've posted of your flowers. someday i hope to have an amazing garden...and the skills to keep it that way by then. for now, i'm just so grateful that i live in such a beautiful area, so close to the mountains and streams that fill me up with peace and joy. but it would be nice to have a magical place in my own yard...i'm trying to create that in my own little way. thanks for sharing yours! ♥

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