Thursday, August 14, 2008


As Angel Daughter Number Two gets ready to spread her wings to take her first leap from the nest, she decided she needed a little friend to keep her company.  When I told her that she could not take Jersey, our adorable black and white Cornish Rex kitty, she decided that a frog would be the next best thing.(Don't ask me how she went from "cute and cuddly" to "small and slimy"!)  Being the free-spirited angel that she is, AD2 came home from the pet store with this little reptile.  He is a Veiled Chameleon who she named Marley.  He is very cute now, but they change quite quickly.  They can grow to be eighteen to twenty-four inches long.  And they hiss.  And sometimes bite.  With strong clamping jaws.
Introducing Marley, the newest member of the Four Angel's Momma household, soon to be college student.  I have a feeling we are about to learn the true meaning of the word "Chameleon".


Laura ~Peach~ said...

he is CUTE for not to sure about one 2 feet long!
It will be interesting to see him as he grows!
Hugs LAura

Ness said...

I would expect nothing less from AD2. Marley, live long and prosper!

JenX67 said...

Your daughter is so pretty. That teeny reptilian ain't bad either. Nice shade of green.

jojo said...

That Marley...he's planning something...I can see it in his eyes ;) Wonder how cute he'll be when he's two feet long. Wow.

Catherine Holman said...

I thought that was a barette in her hair! Too bad he doesn't stay tiny.

tj said...

...Ahhh! I love that face! Too cute and love the name Can't wait to see the photos of him as he is growing up... ;o)


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

I could have sent her DIABLO!!!

My brother had 2 Madagascar Day Geckos and had to hand feed them baby food - ONLY APRICOTS!!

Those things were so much work!!

Hope Marley is a little easier!!


Bogart in P Towne said...

Gotta say, I have already let Claire know that if she ends up marrying me, there will be zero reptiles in my home...or my family's home. Zero. None. Nada.

The devil was a snake. Read Genesis. It is true!

Devil = Snake = Reptile


Bogart's house = Reptile free zone

Blue said...

sooner than you can say i-need-dermalogica he'll be as long as a dog and sporting uncommon enough looks to give you a startle if not a fright.

i was at a tiny airport in virgin gorda (one of the BVI in the caribbean) a couple months ago and they have a cage with 3 huge ones at the airport. better than CNN to pass the time waiting for a delayed flight.

but for right now, there may not be any cuter little critter on the earth! he's perfect. ♥

rivergardenstudio said...

Very cute! Nice photo's too! Roxanne

Jenn said...

My youngest daughter, who will be 11 in Sept, wants a gecko for her birthday.

My friend has one that eats only fruit, so I told her that if she can find a fruity gecko I will buy it for her.

Irene Latham said...

Yes, what is it about reptiles? My youngest son has his heart set on a turtle. Give me a warm-blooded critter any day... xxoo

Anonymous said...

Love reading your blog. Your DD has the cutest barette in her hair. LOL Can't wait to see pics of him full grown.
Penney from Canada

Debra W said...


For some reason, that name went through my mind today! Thank your for your very sweet comment. I appreciate your visits!


Alison said...

he is adorable...I also want a chameleon but I think they will be hard to care for when he is bigger?? Let me know how it goes.

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