Monday, August 4, 2008

Tiny Treasures or Meditating on a Rocky Beach

Our beach home resides on a bluff which overlooks the rocky beaches of San Clemente, California.  On the days when I feel up to it, Mark and I like to take a walk along the coastline.  There are very few seashells to be found, but the wonderfully organic shapes of the various rocks that can be discovered are endless.  As the waves roll into the shore, you can actually hear the clinking of the rocks as they ride onto the beach with the tide.  The sound is quite hypnotic, especially when mixed with the calls of the Seagulls, and the rising laughter of children as they clammer away from the waves.  The landscape is never the same.  It is an ever-changing slice of nature's magic, transforming moment by moment.

Walking along the shoreline, one day, I discovered something which seemed a bit out of place.  It was a tiny, triangular piece of glass which was translucent green in color.  Its edges were smooth, but its surface was etched from the sand that tumbled around it.  I picked it up, and I was immediately filled with the curiosity of a child.  I needed to know more.  I needed to find more.  And so, my fascination with pure sea glass began.

It is a form of meditation for me.  Walking along the shoreline, searching through the thousands and thousands of rocks, only to discover the one, singular remnant of sea glass which shines brightly among the soft grays, the speckled blacks and the creamy whites.  There is something about searching for something so elusive that calms the mind and soul.
These tiny pieces of glass, survivors of something which began as something much larger, somehow made it to the beach below my feet.  They may have tumbled about for hundreds of years, beginning as a bottle or a radio transmitter, or who knows what else, only to be discovered by me, a small fragment in time.  Mark humors me in my search as he finds his own form of meditation in the ocean waves.  He watches the surfers.  He stops occasionally to pick up the tiniest treasure which I proudly add to my collection.  When he does this, I remind him that "he is the MAN", and we smile knowing that whatever we are in, we are in it together.  And we return home as I banter on about the amazing pieces of treasure we have collected, alone, but together.  He listens.

It is like that, isn't it?  We set out on this journey alone, only to find someone along the way who allows us to meditate and refocus in whatever way might be necessary and then who sometimes joins in along the way.  Allowing enough distance, yet enough closeness to remind both yourself and he or she that they are indeed "the MAN!"  When we join up on this journey, together, it should be in a way that still allows the other person to indulge in quiet meditation, even if that means sometimes humoring one another.  Even if it means something as seemingly insignificant as searching for pieces of sea glass on a rocky beach.

Like many of the things I write, this turned out to be something very different from what it set out to be.  Yet, sometimes allowing the stream of consciousness to move from one thought to another is like dreaming while awake.  It's like not really knowing why you are starting out where you are until you get to the end.

May you discover whatever form of quiet mediation brings you the most peace.  May you take the time to allow yourself to indulge in whatever it is that works for you.  And may you be lucky enough to find someone, along the way, who cares enough to accompany you.  Allowing you to both find the pieces on your own, while also knowing when to hand you a tiny treasure along the way.


Ness said...

There it is again...sea glass. A long time ago someone in my past said they collected sea glass and I had no idea what they were talking about. It looks so peaceful at your beach house. I can close my eyes and imagine walking along the shore and looking for sea glass. The pictures you posted are magnificant. Thanks for sharing them. On my list of things to do before I die is meet my blog friends. I will find sea glass with you one day. Hugs to your angels and your soulmate, Mark.

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Stop and the smell the sea glass. Hits home for me so much more than roses.

I've been very lucky to have a partner who walks by my side and fills my life with bits of sea glass along the way.

I never take him for granted.


Jenn said...


I walked the beach many times when I lived on Vancouver Island. It was where I found my sense of peace, my serenity.

One time we got so caught up in rock hunting (my daughters and I) that the tide came in around us and we found ourselves on a little sand bar. We had to wade back to the shore.

We found quite a bit of sea glass. I love the sea glass, I have actually used some of it to decorate my fish bowl.

As always I receive such inspiration when I read your blog posts.

Alison said...

beautiful post, again, Deb. You definitely have a way with words. I identify completely with the post, it speaks to my heart also..thank you, again.

JenX67 said...

Thank you for your note. I've blogged about it. Are you born 62-82. You have a great blog. Are you a GenXer?

Kathleen Botsford said...

Deb, You are a blessing! xox Kathy

Laura ~Peach~ said...

lovely pics and fantastic post I could not agree more :D
HUGS laura

Irene Latham said...

Oh wow, I love when that happens --setting out to write one thing and something else comes along! That's the heart of writing, I think. Capturing the unexpected. Makes me think of that wonderful word "serendipity." So how do you display your sea glass at home? Just curious. xxoo

jojo said...

You have such a gentle soul and it speaks volumes through your writing. Thank you for sharing a piece of yourself with us. I have never seen sea glass before. It is beautiful...I must go to a rocky beach and find "something" there ;)

Blue said...

i've loved finding sea glass for years...the shores of lake michigan had a variety of colors. it was fun to find blue (rare) and green (more common, but not abundant) in addition to the brown and white. every now and then you'd find red...which looked so pretty. i didn't notice any when growing up in Newport, but then again, i didn't notice much in my childhood.

I'd placed you further up the coast in my mind...but san clemente isn't too much farther than my favorite spot in laguna. i'd love to go for a walk on the rocky shore with you some day. maybe one of these times when i'm on a layover in CA before i fly home we could rendezvous. i'd love that. i'm home now, done flying for august.

Dayna said...

:) Hey there! Long time no stop by! My computer went down and then I went on a months vacation. I caught back up and read every single entry.

Kids are back in school middle of next week.... let's try to plan time for lunch one of these days!

billie said...

Debbie, you are really rocking over here! Such great photos and content. I'm glad I came by.

Karen Maezen Miller said...

Lovely what comes.

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