Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy Labor Day

Hunting for sea glass, yesterday, I took some time to look around and take in the wonderful beach scenes that were happening all around me.  This brave very, very, VERY pregnant woman caught my eye.  I found her mesmerizing as she waded ankle-deep in the warm ocean water and thought about her baby doing the very same thing inside of her body.  I remembered back to my "labor"days, as I worked with all of my might, to bring my Angels into the world.  One by one, I carried them safely tucked inside of my womb, dreaming about who and what they each would be.  And one by one, they exceeded my expectations, as they continue to do to this day.
There was something about watching this woman and her little girl that made me feel nostalgic about the past.  Something that made it difficult for me to turn my eyes away.  As women, we go through so many transitions in our lives.  We are expected to create and let go, as if there is nothing to it.  Even those of us who do not have children experience these transitions as a part of our own evolution.  We create art, we create work, we create things with our hands that are made with love, and then, if we are to share these things with the world, we let them go.  Hoping, praying that what we have set forth, will be loved and appreciated by others.  It is the song of a woman's heart...To labor and then set forth.  The rhythm carries almost the same pattern as the ocean's waves.
I spotted these three young boys adventuring through the run-off tunnel which funnels into the ocean.  Three young men with nothing to do but test their own limits.  Camaraderie in action.  I thought about the lessons that they were learning by testing their own courage.  Just by watching them, I sensed that the young boy in the center would someday grow into a supportive, loyal young man.  I thought of our young people at war in other countries on this Labor Day.  Alone, but together.  Leaning on each other's shoulders to hold each other up.  Leaning on each other's shoulders to keep from falling.
And then I looked over and spotted my past, present and future.  The little boy who once led his friends through the forests by his house.  The man who is a supportive loving, husband and father.  The little Angel that I labored to bring into this world, and that I still continue to labor over in raising.  And I knew.  I knew that no matter how difficult life seems to get sometimes, I can always look towards them to bring me hope.  To remind me of what life is worth living for.  To remind me of what is worth fighting for.  For they are the shoulders that I lean on when I feel like I am falling down.

May you move gently, yet purposefully through the transitions of your life.  May the release be eased by the knowledge that you did the very best you could do in preparation.  May the shoulders of those you love feel safe and strong.  May your shoulders always be strong enough to bear the weight of those who need you.


Catherine Holman said...

Beautifully written as always! Hope you had a wonderful Labor Day too!

Michelle said...

What a beautiful pregnant momma! And beautiful writing too!

mandala cheryl said...

This is beautiful Debra. And yes, I can attest to letting go and how challenging it is, especially in re: to my daughter as she's made a life of her own...and my parents who are no longer earthlings :)- as well as other family. There's no manual for that, except Life and what we're willing to learn, and how we're willing to grow.

thank you for sharing your thoughts so beautifully.

Blue said...

what an amazing photo op you found for your Labor Day post!

I'm convinced you have more wisdom in a single pinky finger than most of us amass in a lifetime of pursuit. It's one of your talents. I love your talents!

Lynn said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I love people-watching, wondering about those I see and making up stories about what their lives must be like. Thanks for sharing your insight and thoughts!

JenX67 said...

i love the wishes or sentiments, like prayers, at the end of your posts.

Alison said...

beautiful, thought provoking...I love it. I was just thinking the other day that I am now transitioning into a new phase of motherhood...I like it and I can look back nostalgically.

I have something for you on my site.

Lorrie Veasey said...

What beautiful, beautiful pictures and words. Thanks for being an incredible oassis today--a safe haven from the many blogs that appeared today inspired by the whole Palin thing-- to spout on and on about "women should do this" or "women should not do this." You managed to capture what is universal about all of the sisters in a few beautiful sentences, and to celebrate our common bounds. I love the fact that you always see the good--in people, in life, in each moment.

acte gratuit said...

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I don't know how you found my blog, but I'm glad you did! Thanks so much for your generosity!

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Irene Latham said...

I love how women are so much more open now about their pregnant bodies... definitely something to celebrate. Wishing you and Mark and all ADs much JOY today.

The Frosts said...

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Thanks so much!


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