Thursday, January 8, 2009

Learning to Expect and Accept the Changes/Happy Birthday, AD2

                                   *Joshua and Angel Daughter Number Two
Looking back on how far my Angel Daughters have come allows me to reflect upon how much each one of them has accomplished in a little bit less, or a little bit more than two decades of life.  To me, each one of them is a miracle.  A living, breathing, individual, each within their own right.  A product of the love that Mark and I felt for one another and the family which we hoped to someday create.  And when I look at Angel Daughter Number Two, I am a bit awed by the fact that I was just a year younger than she is now when I met the young man who would become my forever love.  And that the two of us, together, would create a family where there once wasn't one.  When I look at my four daughters, not only am I able to ruminate in all that they have become, but also, what I have become.  Now that they are transitioning into young women, our growth which has been intricately connected throughout the years, is loosening a bit.  Each one of my girls is learning to fly solo after spending their entire lives as a part of a group and whether I like to admit it or not, so am I.  As my Angels establish themselves as distinct entities, I must encourage myself to reexamine my own gifts and talents.  As I support each one of my Angels in their own endeavors, I must also learn to support new interests and possibilities for my own life.  In some ways, it's like giving birth all over again, only this time, the result will not be a tiny baby.  It will be a freshly preened set of wings which will contain new colors and new directions with which to take flight.  
Yesterday was the day that I gave birth to my second Angel daughter, nineteen years ago.  Happy birthday, baby!  Bringing AD1 into the world was a whole lot scarier and life-altering than was my experience with AD2.  Allowing AD1 to leave home and go to college was also a lot more anxiety-ridden than watching AD2 make that transition and somehow I suppose that allowing AD3 and 4 to spread their wings will be subsequently less traumatic for me(Sorry, my oldest Angel, I really only wanted the best for you).  But that is how life goes.  Something can seem extremely scary until we finally take the leap, and then we realize that it's not as trying as we thought it might be. 

Hence the leap from stage to stage of our lives.  Seems as if just when we become somewhat comfortable with one phase, the next one sneaks up on us and takes us by surprise.  Regardless of whether our life paths make us parents, or career people, or something else, the challenge is always in taking the leap and having the confidence to know that we will survive it.

Happy nineteenth birthday, sweet girl.  In this last year of your teenage years, I hope that you will look back on all of your accomplishments and know that there will be many, many more.  And regardless of where the path leads, always remember that wherever you are, that is exactly where you are meant to be.


Blue said...

a beautiful tribute to an obviously beautiful girl. they are all so blessed to call you mother.

may you have the finest of days today! ♥

Debbie said...

That is such a wonderful post. And since I am a mom getting ready to let two fly out of the nest, I have so much to learn from you.

Irene Latham said...

Each stage is wonderful, isn't it? Shakespeare's "sweet sorrow"... xxoo

tj said...

...Ah yes, "Life at best is bittersweet"... :o)

...And look at the bottoms of those socks! lol... Just kidding Angel Family. I know we're all bein' serious here but I thought I'd throw that in for good ;o)

..."Happy Birthday!" AD2!

...Blessings all... :o)

Ness said...

Happy Birthday AD2.

Mom, you've done a great job. She owes each feather in her wings to you...some you gave her and others you taught her to earn on her own. She will always fly on blessed wings that two loving parents nurtured her to be able to fly into. Love and hugs to AD2's amazing mom!

Lorrie Veasey said...

Yay AD and Yay You!!

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Aw, I can relate, dear friend. Everything with our first child is so dramatic and scary and wonderful all at the same time.

Beautiful daughter, beautiful momma!

{just finally peeking out from the stacks and stacks of was a lot easier to pack them than to UNpack them!...trying to set up new systems is time consuming!}

Thanks for your sweet note around the holidays! I've missed you so it meant a lot!

Sylvie Van Hulle said...

Beautiful post!

You’ve been tagged!
I’d be very interested to hear your replies so I hope you have the time; details at


Wonderfully written.
They say the Chrysalis is the most important stage to becoming the Butterfly. (In a sense a transformation all under your care.)
Not that I'm comparing you to caterpillars and butterflies, but I like the metaphor.
Be well.

jenx67 said...

She is so beautiful, and your photography is just amazing. I'm so envious of your ability or your camera or BOTH! whatever it is that makes these photos so AWESOME!!!!!!

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