Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sky Paintings 2/ You're Beautiful, Yes You Are

                                   *San Clemente sunset, January 11, 2009
I am ever fascinated by the absolute fragility as well as the transitional properties of nature.  It seems that the world itself, is one giant canvas on which the most magnificent images are created, day after day, night sky after night sky.  Yet there are times when life becomes so overrun by the minutia, that we forget to pause, to stop whatever is seemingly so important at the time, to take in the gifts which are so freely bestowed upon us.  We forget that each sunset is one that we will never have the chance to witness again.  Each sky painting, each ocean wave, each reflection in a pond, is only a fleeting work of art and unless we pay attention, we will lose the opportunity to study its momentary beauty forever.
                                   *Dana Point, California
As time passes, I find that I am becoming much more aware of how quickly things can change.  I am much more in touch with the fact that I will only have a certain number of sunsets to take in, or cloud pantings to interpret, or smiles to trade.  I know that each one is unique, and I know that I want to absorb as much of God's goodness as I can, while I am still here.
                                   *sunset over Catalina Island
Therefore, I look for the colors.  I allow myself to feel the emotions that each natural work of art evokes.  I stand in awe of how enormous the Pacific Ocean truly is and how expansive the sky above it spans.  I breathe.  I breathe in the salty, sweet-smokey aroma of bonfires at dusk and the mild, maritime breezes during the day.  I listen.  I walk quietly along the shoreline, taking in the rhythm of the waves, the laughter of children as they dodge in and out of the surf, and the call of the seagulls as they cry out for food.
                                   *sunset over the Pacific Ocean
Basking in the solitude of a private moment is part of what we are meant to do while we are here.  No matter how difficult or overwhelming things sometimes get, we should never forget about the things which can move us to the brink of tears.  The perspectives that can break our hearts open.  The artistry of nature that reminds us that we are not alone.  Never alone.
                                   *Catalina Island from San Clemente, California
And although there are times when we must go searching in order to find the beauty beyond the chaos, it is always available.  It is always worth the effort.  And sometimes, it is just beyond the fringe of all the craziness, waiting for us to notice that it was always there in the first place.
                                   *San Clemente Pier, January 12, 2009
The scenes might change, the colors may transition from red to orange to yellow to blue, but allowing yourself to witness, really witness them, now that is a gift that you can always accept freely.  And it is a gift that you can always give to yourself.

Notice the things that speak to your soul.  Take in as much radiance as you can find along the journey.  Allow the artwork of the Universe to merge with your own spirit.  And remind yourself, as often as you possibly can, that you, too, are an intricate part of the beauty.


jojo said...

absolutely beautiful ...

Laura ~Peach~ said...

OH HOW BEAUTIFUL!!!! I have been there ... when i was 18 oh so long ago!

Ness said...

I so needed this post right at this minute. Things are very rough right now. I am staring at your pictures and trying to connect. Thank you for posting them. Hugs to you and yours.

Irene Latham said...

These are all beautiful, but the pinks and purples in the pier one speak to me today. Thank you so much!

delighted heart said...

Absolutely beautiful photos! Breathtaking! I tryed to take some of our sunset last night but they didn't come out as pretty as the real thing. Thanks for your comments last week. I enjoyed getting to know a little morre about you. And since you were so sweet...I've left something on my blog for you! Come by when you have a chance!

Jenny said...

Dear Debra -
I am completely stunned, my soul moved and my heart warmed by the beauty that was captured in each and every photo ... are you the photographer? If so - what a gift you possess. I strolled through a few posts and just loved the photos shared and the words strung together so beautifully. What a lovely visit!

Thanks so much for stopping by ... I am so very glad that you did! I'll be by next time with a cozy cup to stay for a spell.


Lorrie Veasey said...

These are so so beautiful--I love your writing as well but sometimes wish you'd caption your photos so i could know when/where/how you caught such awesome scenes.

jenx67 said...

stunning. surprisingly, these look just like oklahoma sunsets - without the water. Ha!

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