Sunday, April 5, 2009

Gifts From the Sea

Walking along the shoreline, one dreary afternoon a few months ago, I spotted something much larger and much bluer than the pieces of seaglass that I typically come across on my weekend journeys.  The beaches on which I do my searching are neither known for, nor do they usually yield large or unusual pieces of seaglass and so, I am always quite happy with whatever I am able to find during my walks.  But every now and then, something extraordinary will turn up and I must shake my head with thoughts of "Why me?  Why this moment?"  And I feel lucky, as my spirit quietly jumps up and down inside of my body, trying not to let anyone else who might be glancing in my direction see that I am secretly ecstatic.  That I am secretly lucky.  Is it more that I think that they will run up behind me, taking me down at the knees in order to steal my special find?  Or is it my own inner-voice trying to save me from becoming too excited about something that might surely disappoint me?  That it won't really end up being what my eyes have perceived I have seen.  My intuition would tell me that it is a little bit of both.  The need to not display too outwardly, the stroke of luck that I have just come upon, as well as the self-protective mechanism which often kicks in when we feel we might have just momentarily gotten a little too lucky.

Yet we are so willing to accept the negative.  We are so willing to accept the strokes of bad luck or misfortune.  Somehow we view life's school of hard knocks as something we deserve, while perceiving the good fortune that comes our way as undeserved or unearned.  I have become somewhat of an expert at this, over the past several years, not questioning the unfairness of my life, but readily wondering what I have done to earn the "lucky" parts.  Wondering how I got so lucky in finding the right man and having the right children while building the right life for ourselves, yet never questioning why I must live with a chronic illness, or as a brotherless sister.  Why is it okay to question the positive things that happen as if we are undeserving, but then accept the negatives as though we had them coming?  The more I think about it, the stupider it sounds.  Yet it is a mindset which is difficult to change.  To admit that we do deserve all of the good that comes into our lives and that sometimes, just sometimes, we have the absolute right to question the crap.

After doing a little research, I found out that the large piece of cobalt seaglass which washed up right in front of me on the shore, came from a bottle which was produced during the years 1900-1915.  Cobalt bottles were used mainly for medicines which is why finding even a tiny shard from a cobalt bottle is fairly rare.  Somehow, and in someway, this little remnant found its way over oceans and time and unknown depths to the coastline right as a wave carried it onto the shore just below my feet.  My feet!  And guess what?  Nobody tried to take me down at the knees for getting excited about it.  Not even God.

So the next time something wonderfully unexpected happens, try something new.  Consider it a gift from The Universe or God or even your higher-self.  And instead of saying, "Why me?  What did I do in order to deserve such good fortune?", just try saying, "Thank you".  I wonder what might happen if we all decided to give ourselves the credit which we truly deserve and then reverently just accepted it.

May you allow yourself to openly and freely accept the good which can sometimes wash up in the waves of your life, without wondering why.  May you give yourself some credit for the good, while understanding the balance which will always exist.  And may you accept the gifts, without trying to tell yourself that you do not deserve them.  You do.


Maria-Thérèse said...

It's strange that it's SO much easier to believe the negative, like happiness is something guaranteed to be taken away at any moment. I've been trying to change negative ways of thinking for a while now because I really do believe that what we think and do attract more of the same thing.

And something else - would you be willing to trade a couple of seaglass pieces for something I made?! If you have any light green to spare, maybe...

♥ maria-thérèse

Debbie said...

I try to do this. I try to see the joy and happiness and accept the gifts I'm given. Lovely post.

Ness said...

Timely post. :-)

I'm so glad you found the cobalt.

Someday in the next year I am coming out for two weeks to walk your shores with you and see if God sends me another gift like he did on Friday....check your email. Love you, Ness.

Art by Julie H. said...

Very insightful post, more positive thoughts like yours should be shared. Thanks.

Jacque said...

I enjoyed how you took the simple find of sea glass to express an idea that is so grand. Your thoughts and insight into your self and others seems to be growing. I encounter so many people in my travels that just go through daily life totally unconscious and unaware beyond their daily task, you are so refreshing. I too become very excited about my little treasures from the sea! Enjoy your walks on the sand~Jacque

jenX67 said...

How incredibly exciting. I know exactly what that feels like - seeing something "pop" up and knowing you are secretly lucky - and having nobody wrestle you to the ground for it. The best line of all: "Not even God."

I can't believe the bottle is so old, and it found you - all those years floating in the ocean - and how did it get there? Some sailor's elixir? We can have all the money in the world, but never a gift from the sea so rare. I believe it washed right up to the feet of the one who would carry the thread of God's mercy and love. You are an amazing human being, living in the spirit far beyond the flesh. We are all so lucky to make your acquaintance.

rivergardenstudio said...

Such an amazing blue, your new treasure is beautiful... I will try to see surprises as gifts well as beautiful moments. Thank you, Roxanne

Bogart in P Towne said...

I live my life in a constant state of thanksgiving...It is a wonderful gift from God...all of it.

Jeannie said...

that's very, very cool, your unexpected treasure. a gift, indeed.

thank you for stopping by my blog today and for your comment.

my sister lives in CA and i love it there. the mountains + the coast = simply divine.

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