Monday, March 8, 2010


As I gazed out upon the Pacific ocean this morning, I caught sight of one of the tall ships which sail out of Dana Point harbor.   These incredible examples of floating history sail across the horizon like ghost ships from another era.  They are replicas built in the tradition of those from the past, but when they drift by, it is impossible not to be drawn backwards in time, revisiting another instant, another century.
As I watched this majestic vessel head first in one direction and then, the other, I was struck by the vast perception of how quickly the world has changed.  Yet how hundreds of years ago, someone must have stood in the same exact spot where I am standing right now, watching a tall ship voyage past with the same feeling of awe and wanderlust that I am experiencing.  And for an instant, I felt momentarily connected over the span of time, to someone I have never known, but whose spirit I could feel as if they were standing there beside me.

We are all intrinsically connected.


oatsnboats said...

Beautiful. We all need to have those moments. The water helps draw us in, remind us of the real meaning of the world.

Mumsy said...

What a wonderful view you have. The pictures are great and the water looks so peaceful. I would imagine many stories could come from that water and seamen that have been there many years before.

chandelier magic - beach house said...

Beautiful view and beautiful feeling - great way to start the day!


Ness said...

What beautiful pictures! I think of things like that often...who lived in the house I am living in now, how many people have looked at the Mississippi River from the spot I am right now, etc.

Thank you for your beautiful post on my blog. We didn't get to see the kids on Carter's Birthday this week and now we're hoping that Michael can see them before he deploys. Yes, Michael would definitely enjoy mail from home and as soon as he gets his APO address I will email it to you as well as his email address. He would love to hear from his Auntie Deb! He also has a Facebook account that he will post pictures on as well and I'll let you know that info as well.

Deb, can you email me your phone number at and let me know a good time to call. I want to chat with Michael's Auntie Deb. :-) Love you.

Laura Hegfield said...

Such lovely photos Deb. I am always struck by the majesty and mystery of tall ships and their ability to transport the imagination back through time too.

I hope you are taking good care of yourself these days...finding your center...feeling loved as much as you are giving love.

Anonymous said...

did you ever think that maybe it was you standing there, then?

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