Friday, April 30, 2010

Allowing the Tides to Turn(Because They Will Whether I Want Them to or Not)

As I sit here looking out upon the Pacific, I try gathering up the energy to pull on some jeans so that I can go down to the beach for a walk.

It is best to do it now, because although I tell myself that I will, I most likely will not make it down to the sand if I wait until later.

It is best that I do it now, because when the tide begins to turn, the waves often become erratic and unpredictable.  And although I know that I should never turn my back on the ocean, I sometimes become so absorbed in my searches for sea glass that I end up getting soaked.

There is a rhythm to the waves as they flow in and out, in and out.

It is a rhythm that can hypnotize the soul.

It is a rhythm that can put the mind at ease.

But it is also a rhythm that can change within the blink of an eye.
As I walk along the shoreline, I am often reminded that I do not have to be in control.

That I can sometimes just allow myself to be carried along with the rhythm of the sea.

That when I think that I am in control, some rogue wave will come crashing up onto the sand splashing icy-cold saltwater all over my clothes, leaving me to slosh around in drenched sneakers the rest of my way home.  The saltwater stings my skin.  Another admonition for believing that I might really have some control over the rhythm of the waves.

Or the tides of my life.
I am alone, right now.  My family is scattered about in various locations.  Work, school, out with boyfriends.  My favorite faded-out jeans beckon to me from the edge of the bathtub.

Knowing that the tide will soon turn whether I want it to or not, I will lazily step into my jeans.  I will obey the rhythm as it lures me down to the sea.  And the tide will turn because that is what it does.  Never exactly in the same way or at the same time each day.  Never precisely with the same cadence as the tide before, but turn it will.

And for today, I will relinquish control because tides turn whether I want them to or not...

And I only get soaked when I think that I know exactly what I am doing.

*Welcome lovely SkyWatchers!  I look forward to seeing what you have posted this week.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with SkyWatch, please click on the link to view some wonderful photos from around the world.


fini said...

ocean are always hypnotizing.. I can't help it when I'm near the ocean as well, love the sound and the smell too.. Beautiful photos indeed!

~Cheryl said...

Your first photo pulled at my heart strings. I love the ocean! The rest of your photos really made me miss watching waves, birds, and TRYING to see a whale (outstanding!) A beautiful post! Thank you.

J Bar said...

Great skies and reflections.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

rivergardenstudio said...

Dear Debbie, I have been away for too long. Your writing reminds me of "Gifts from the Sea" by Anne Morrow Lindberg. Do you know of it? And the beautiful photographs of the little girls... your life is so rich... sending blessings of sunshine and energy, roxanne

Anonymous said...

What a well-written post. There really is something about the sea that inspires quiet reflection. Thanks so much for sharing this.

VP said...

It always strange to see the ocean, even for us used to the sea. Beautiful images and wise words.

Laura Hegfield said...

"As I walk along the shoreline, I am often reminded that I do not have to be in control.

That I can sometimes just allow myself to be carried along with the rhythm of the sea."

really we have no other is pure illusion to think that we do...but we all want so desperately to feel safe...and this trick of the mind is so appealing. (even though it never works!)

These photos are gorgeous Debbie...all that pink reflected on the water and the sky doing her dance above! Blessings upon you dear one. I keep reminding myself on days like will be ok, it always turns out ok somehow.

miruspeg said...

Beautiful photos Debbie.
Your words flow like the melody of caressing music.
I am so glad you chose to 'do it now'.
Huge hugs dear friend
Peggy xxx

Mickey (Michel) Johnson said...

...gorgeous photos and words...makes me feel like i am is true, we cannot change or control the tides, but we can change our perceptions of them. xoxo, mickey

Building a home said...

The ocean is where I always feel at ease. Everything that happens in our life is like current. One must work and dare if one really wants to live.

cheryl said...

Hi Deb,
OH.. I always enjoy seeing life through your eyes, on your side of the country. You provide an intimate, close-up view of life and your generous reflection and wisdom. Thank you for giving so much of yourself..and for being YOU! It's heartwarming to see your daughters, wow... what vibrant young women they are.

Wondrous blessings to you, always dear friend... In gratitude for you :) Cheryl

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