Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hope Rolls

The words "I'm starting to lose hope." tumbled roughly out of my mouth just at the precise moment that my husband bent down to retrieve it.  We were sea glass hunting on a beach in San Clemente.  We were walking through a large patch of sea-worn stones talking and searching for the glimmers of green, cobalt blue and weathered whites amongst the copious numbers of rocks which had washed up onto the sand.  I was trying to make sense of a situation that makes very little sense, but it also appeared to be a poor day for recovering any sea glass.  Where exactly the loss of hope was emanating from was a bit unclear.  Just as the word hope made its way past my lips(to God's ears, as they say), Mark knelt down and pointed to it.  And as my eyes focused upon the light blue sea glass marble which he was pointing to, they skipped past it to the second one that was resting only several inches away.
There, in the pile of anonymous grey and black rocks, sat two tiny orbs weathered by sand and saltwater just waiting to restore hope in two wandering hunters.  I rocked back on my heels from the squatting position that I sat transfixed in and sat down on the beach.  I placed my elbows down on my knees and rested my chin in my hands.  Unbridled laughter rose up from my heart and I shook my head.  In my entire sea glassing life of almost two years, I have retrieved only one and a half sea glass marbles amongst the pounds of mermaid tears and weathered glass bits.  One and a half.  And now, on this day of broken hope, there sat two perfect marbles from times gone by.
I scooped them up and handed them to my husband.  He examined them with curiosity and then handed them back to me.  I let them roll around in my palm as I gazed out upon the vastness of the ocean.  How much is out there to be retrieved just when the timing is perfect?  Do we sometimes miss the answers because we are so wrapped up in the questions?
I reached my hands up towards my husband and he pulled me to my feet.  I tucked the marbles into my pocket and then hugged onto my beloved husband with a renewed fervor.  We headed back to meet our oldest Angel Daughter for dinner along another half mile stretch of beach.  Hope rolled around in my mind, heart and pocket with each step.

Neither one of us came across another piece of sea glass that day.


joanne said...

what a beautiful find..God was just waiting and watching for you to pick it up and lift your spirits. He's like that you know!

Something Happened Somewhere Turning said...

How wonderfully awesome.


miruspeg said...

Deb I always love reading messages about "Hope".
Your words are so poetic and those glorious sea glass marbles were the icing on the cake.

I woke up without hope this morning but after reading several blog posts I feel renewed. I can ALWAYS count on the blog community to lift my spirits.

I am so grateful and blessed to have friends like you in my life.

Namaste and love and light.
Peggy xxx

Maria-Thérèse said...

how wonderful <3

and yes: "Do we sometimes miss the answers because we are so wrapped up in the questions?"

I think so!

That's probably my exact situation right now as well.

Ness said...

Deb, I wanted to call you last night. Sad news for Hallie's family. Email me

Mumsy said...

I love this post and it could not have come at a better time for me...hope for change in a situation in my life was fading and I must say sweet lady your post has renewed it this morning.

A beautiful find too and thank you so much for sharing them and for your encouraging words.


chandelier magic said...

Great post and amazing photos, Debra.

Good question about missing the answers - do I get hung up on the questions until I get the answers I want?

Thank you for your notes - you make my day! Hope you and the girls and their guys all have a blast - those weekends away are the best, everyone is in a good mood, eating, shopping, laughing, hanging out together. Love those days.

Went back to look at some of your older posts and Debra, your beach house - mmmmmmmmmmmm.

Oh, that big blue whale of mine - got it many years ago at a garage sale $8. Thanks for noticing.

And if you see a couple bent down looking for sea glass on the beaches of San Clemente it's us.


Laura Hegfield said...

"How much is out there to be retrieved just when the timing is perfect? Do we sometimes miss the answers because we are so wrapped up in the questions?"

Powerful questions...sigh

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Mickey (Michel) Johnson said...

...i love how when we need it most the smallest of things speak to us in the mightiest of ways...take care my friend...xo, mickey

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