Saturday, September 3, 2011

Bottle in the Sea

When even the seasoned surfers stand on the shoreline observing in awe, you know that Southern California is being inundated with some phenomenal waves.  The sets have been coming in fast and furious for the past several days and the Surf Advisory is supposed to go on until at least Sunday evening.  Seems that a major storm in New Zealand which is 6508 miles or 5655 nautical miles off of the coast of California is wreaking havoc on the Pacific by my home.

It has been absolutely stunning to behold in a hypnotic sort of way as it is very difficult to take your eyes off of the huge cresting waves, which come one after the other after the other.  There were a good number of surfers out there yesterday around sunset, but today, the water was mostly empty and the warnings have been stern, serious and obviously off-putting for even the strongest of swimmers.

I will post more pictures soon.  The idea of a storm taking place 6508 miles away and then finding its way to our coast is a very interesting concept to grasp.  I have been thinking a lot about putting a note with my address information into a bottle tomorrow, and then casting it off from the end of the pier and out into the waters.  I am fascinated thinking about where it might go, how far it might go and if the person who finds it would be kind enough to write back to me.  I suppose that is truly one way to find out.  I will put the letter together tomorrow, empty out or drink:) the contents of a wine bottle, cork it back up and throw it off of our pier which I am sure is not legal, but since Mark and I clean up the beaches when we are walking during our days, I think I will be forgiven.(Besides, I am very short and Mark can cover me as I make my quick throw;)  What an interesting way to send something out into the Universe to see what ultimately comes together in the end.  Just wondering about where my bottle might end up makes me smile a little bit.

So tomorrow, I will venture down to the beach with my bottle and I will wish it a Bon Voyage.  I will say a small prayer that my bottle ends up in the hands of someone, someplace who needs a lift from the Universe and then send out a little prayer that I receive a note telling me where my traveling bottle landed!   I am excited about this.  It should be fun regardless of what happens.

Have a lovely Labor Day weekend doing whatever makes you feel good.  You really do deserve some time to just be.  There is a great sense of renewal in giving ourselves permission to just enjoy who we are, who we love and what makes us an authentic, unique human being with so many fantastic qualities. You all lift me up in a way that is very hard to describe.  I cherish all of you.  Sometimes, our little notes back and forth are like messages in a bottle which we are both lucky enough to find, and sometimes, lucky enough to receive a comment to one of our own.  I picture my words going out to you like words tucked inside of a bottle which need to be opened in order for them to matter, really, really matter.  We are an interesting breed, we human beings...Very interesting indeed.

What are your thoughts on the bottle idea?



Renee said...

I think it is a great idea....connecting with someone out the universe...making our world smaller.
The waves are powerful and beautiful while at the same time scary. Joel and I just watchted Soul Surfer last night and so seeing this wave made me think of the waves they ride in Hawaii...amazing! To have them come from so far away DOES make us realize how small our world is and how much we affect the world with everything we say and do.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Just the 3 of Us said...

I think it is a great idea as well. You never know who might need your words.

I love your photos by the way. The veiw you have every day is amazing and I love seeing it through your lens.

Miss A said...

What an incredible idea! I hope someone in a far away place answers you!
And I really love the pictures. You capture the essence and the beauty of the ocean so well. I don't know whether you surf or not, but you seem to have the same type of respect, fear, attraction and love to the water.
FYI: I am listening to your advice. Don't stop giving out the good talk and the good vibes!

Kathleen Botsford said...

Wow are those waves magnificent or what???? I love the bottle idea and it is the intention that keeps it Holy and not ecologic litter! xoxo

W said...

I think the message in the bottle is the coolest idea. Can't wait to hear when it's thrown in, how long it is until it's found, and the response you receive!!!!!!!

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