Sunday, January 15, 2012

United we Stand

Why is it that whenever my family has the choice of where to go for dinner, they usually choose a place where it is okay to play with the food?

A place, where the chef throws food at us and we ask for more???

And while I am pondering the important questions in life, why is it that Angel Daughter Number Three and Angel Daughter Number Four always seem to be in cahoots with one another?  I swear they are planning to take over the world someday and they are just practicing on me.

And while I am at it, why is Joshua clapping for AD2's birthday but mysteriously staring off into the distance?  Hmmmm.

I might not have most of the answers, nor would I ever claim to, but there is one thing that I am absolutely sure of...

I adore these people more than I ever thought it could be possible to adore anyone.  We are such a mish-mash of varying personalities with different likes and dislikes, and a mixture of thoughts and opinions about everything.  Yet even when they are being irreverent, or goofy, or using me as the butt of their sisterly "inside" jokes, my heart just bursts at the seems knowing that they are all mine, and I, am all theirs...

I am one very, very lucky momma.


Renee said...

What fun to see all these photos and especially the last one. Love love love all the smiles...and your descriptions of the fun you have. Yes, you are blessed!

Tracy said...

yes, you are and I know you know that...
Happy Day!

Mark said...

Hey lucky Momma!
I know, I still owe you an answer to an email that you sent to me. I intend to get to it. I'm just a little overwhelmed right now. Okay, back to you.
I love that even though they are older, you can still gather up your Children like that. Mine have no choice at this point but I hope they can be as tight as yours one day. What's your secret? Is it the belt? Let me know and I'll start working on it.
Take care.
p.s. Yes, I'm a little curious what Joshua is up to too. I don't really trust men. ha! m.

Kathleen Botsford said...

Looks like fun! One of our favorite restaurants to celebrate BD's is just like that! Food flying, trains spouting smoke, fire blazing....we love it!

Miss A said...

Boooo. I thought I had commented. Maybe my comment didn't save :(
Anyway; your daughters are beautiful. I loved AD2's video. I followed all the links, and I was so happy to see your daughters in movement.
You are truly my inspiration. More than ever. I hope you're not in pain right now. Sending you hugs as big as my heart.

RottenMom said...

Beautiful post. Beautiful family. Beautiful Mama indeed!

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