Wednesday, December 19, 2007

And the Winner is...

Thank you so much to everyone who participated in the very first Four Angels Momma contest. Your heartfelt comments left me in awe of how deep the love is for our country and for our service men and women. You all make me proud to be a citizen of the greatest country in the world. Honoring people like Airman First Class CJ is my way of saying thank you for what they do, and what they sacrifice for our nation.

The photo at the top of this post is of my youngest angel baby and her sweet friend who is like one of my own angel daughters, doing the drawing. They humored me by writing all of the names that were left in my comment box, on slips of paper, and then drawing one out as the winner. They were all full of giggles and smiles as they shook the basket one last time, and carefully drew out one name. So, the winner is...Lizzy in the Burbs! Lizzy, I will be contacting you to find out what email address you would like me to send your $25.00 Amazon gift card to. Congratulations! I will also be sending both CJ and his younger brother, Conner, each a $25.00 gift card. I think that Conner should be recognized too, as he is sacrificing time with his big brother, in order for his brother to protect the freedoms of others. I will also be forwarding all of your wonderful comments to Hallie and John, CJ and Connor's mom and dad. I think that it will be helpful for them to know how many people truly care about and support them, during the rough spots of having a son in the Air Force.

I really appreciate each and every comment that was written to honor CJ and our other service men and women. There were so many great comments and stories about family members who serve our country. I loved reading each one and sharing them with my family. From Scarlett who talked about owning several bibles and who is grateful that she lives in a country where she isn't forced to hide them away, to Nicksafmom whose great response to the spitters out there is,"Next time,would you mind aiming for my boots? That'll help me look my best while I'm protecting the rights for you to have the freedom to speak out." Reading about KellyJean's grandfather who was a Cheif Petty Officer in the Navy during WWII, brought tears to my eyes. He was sent out on missions after battles took place to search for survivors and recover bodies. A "behind the scenes" hero, who brought other individuals home to their families. Grammie Hoffman in WA summed it up simply and beautifully by saying that "Fearless=Freedom", so true.

As I think about all of your wonderful thoughts and comments, tonight, I will also think about CJ, who is home on leave, reconnecting with his family. I will think about all of the brave service men and women who are sometimes taken for granted, but who continue to do their jobs whether we recognize them, or we don't. As Michelle said in the comments, the one thing that she loves about this country is , "freedom". I think that we would all second that.

May you take a moment to think about and send some good thoughts and prayers to the individuals who serve our country. May you take a moment to thank the next person you see, who is wearing a uniform, for protecting your right to be free.


KellyJean said...

Woo Hoo!!! Congratualtions Lizzy in the Burbs!

And thanks Deb for your sweet spirit and doing this nice thing for CJ and his family!

Scarlett Wanna Be said...

Hey lady, good for you for doing this! If I lived near you, I think we could be cozy. You remind me of a wonderfully warm quilt...that's a good thing, some people remind me of sandpaper.

Scarlett Wanna Be said...

Oh and congrats Lizzy!!!! I am sending a boobie bump your way!!!

Ness said...

Deb, thanks for doing this and keeping our military in the forefront. They deserve it and so much more.

Congrats to Lizzy in the Burbs!

Lizzy in the Burbs said...

Aaawwhh...well thanks so much everyone, that's so nice! I was just writing to Debra here to let her know that I would like to pass my "prize" onto CJ Twomey's little pen pal "C". I think he would be excited to receive a gift that had something to do with his hero CJ, don't you? Debra, I would be happy to let Hallie know about this, and then can she e-mail you C's e-mail address info? Thanks so much, again! (and thanks for the "boobie bump" Scarlett!) :)

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Finally have a quick minute to say hello! Glad the contest went well and am STILL so impressed by the comments.

Shmoops is up and Connor won't leave his side... How sweet is that?

I am loving much, that the crap load of snow we are getting doesnt even bother me!!


Humble Origins said...

...Congrat's 'Lizzy'! And Debra, my hat is off to ya girl! You are such a dear of a person and I can't thank you enough for that! What you did to honor Hallie & CJ was just simply - the best!

...Hugs & blessings... :o)

Humble Origins said...

...And 'scarlett wanna be'? What is a booby bump?

... :o)

Dayna said...

:) I'm C's Mom, and I'm really touched! I already talked to C - he sat and looked at the blogs of both of the two of you - and he decided he wants to use his money to supplement CJ's Christmas gift from his Mom & Dad. I can't say a whole lot more - but C. has the same thing CJ is getting, and he wants to send along an "accessory" that he loves and thinks CJ will also love! Thank you So much for holding the contest to Lizzy for such a clssy act - please know it will go to CJ in the long run (but an little boy will so feel SO proud in the process!

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