Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Festival of Lights, or Chanukah as it is better known, ended about a week ago. Christmas is five days away. Tonight is the Winter Solstice, which means that we will be experiencing the darkest day of the year. During a period of so much darkness, it is important for us to be able to look towards the glimmers of light which help in leading us to brighter times. I think it is very interesting that all cultures and religions find ways to associate light with this time of year. We seem to have an innate need to brighten our darkest days. The holidays which fall at this time of the year provide us with so many ways to "turn on the lights", so to speak.

This time of year brings out both the very best and the very worst in people. It seems that the darkness that dominates our skies, also overwhelms the spirits of certain individuals who insist on rushing around, being rude and not caring for others who might get in their way. I have seen this in parking lots, grocery stores, and on the roads. The craziness tends to reach a crescendo as we get closer and closer to Christmas.

Thankfully, there are also individuals who are filled with light. They are helpful, calm and generous. They exemplify the brightness of the season through both their actions and their words. They are a pleasure to encounter, and they remind us that even the smallest gesture of kindness can be the light that brightens someone else's day.

Reflecting on the light and dark of this season, I felt the need to express my thanks to those of you who have consistently provided me with daily glimmers of luminosity, during even my blackest of days. Living with a chronic illness can be a very disempowering experience. I try to focus on the bright spots of life, but there are times when try as I might, I just cannot keep my mind from wandering into the darkness that overshadows the light. Distracting myself by reading your blogs, be it funny, touching, thought-provoking or just plain real, can sometimes provide the spark that I need to move myself out of the darkness, back into the light. The comments that you leave for me, here, in my little corner of the world, remind me that I am not alone. Your words of gratitude, encouragement and understanding allow me to remember that I am still strong, that I still have a voice, and that I can still give something back, even if it is in a different way than I am used to.

As we move through the twilight of the blackest day of the year, I wish for you, the flicker of radiance that can come from an act of kindness. I pray that you will see the reflection of joy that you bring to the hearts of others, mirrored back at you through their grateful eyes. And I hope that in times of darkness, you will always find even the smallest of lights with which to guide you back into the brightness of life.

Whatever your personal celebration is, during this time of year, may it be filled with light.


Alison said...

thank you for this beautiful, thought provoking post...and for all the lovely comments you leave me on my site. They mean alot to me. If you don't mind me asking, what is your chronic illness?

Scarlett Wanna Be said...

Your posts are like...well...soup for my soul. You are a person who adds light to the world. You know whats cool?...Only a tiny flame can light up a dark room. Of course you know that, but you are no small spark!

Cheryl said...

Beautiful post - and beautiful insights. I hope your light will continue to shine through the new year!

Humble Origins said...

...This post, as all of your posts, is just lovely...I feel you should write a book Debra. Your writing is so thought provoking and speaks directly to the heart.

...You are no small light, you are a beacon that shines bright for anyone who is fortunate enough to bask in it... You have lifted many a weary soul, mine included, just by being here and sharing your wonderful family and spirit.

...Many blessings to you and your family as you celebrate this joyous season!

...Many {{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}... :o)

KellyJean said...

Beautiful and uplifting post, as always!

loopgenmgr said...

I'm CJ's grandmother and want to thank you, your family and fellow bloggers for all the wonderful comments and well-wishes written for CJ and his the boys' surprise gift cards! You write beautifully...from the heart.
Happy Holidays and a healthy, prosperous New Year to all.

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