Monday, May 19, 2008

To Life

To be alive.  
To be able to express the feelings of love that we have for one another.  
To take a deep breath. 
To know, somehow, that there is something which is much larger than ourselves.  
To trust.  To feel.  To laugh.  
To observe another sunset.
To live with deep gratitude.
To share great sorrows, but know that there will always be more joy.
To embrace and share the Life Force which connects us all together.
To soar without knowing what might be ahead, but trusting, with all of your might, that the flight will take you where you are meant to go.
To life.

My wish for you is that your list includes an infinite amount of "to's".  It would be such an honor if you would share some of yours here.

With love and deep gratitude,


Ness said...

To lay your head down at night and feel peace within your soul.

To take the time to listen to the sounds around you, especially the laughter of children.

To find yourself content in whatever place you are at in your life.

To realize how golden silence is.

To know that love knows no boundaries and is perennial.

To have the confidence to reach out to a friend and know they'll be able to express the feelings that you can't find the words for.

To know that there is Someone bigger than you or I who watches out for you while you sleep.

To feel the wind on your face and be drawn back to the yesterday of childhood where all was safe and well from the seat of your swingset as you tried to touch the tree limbs with your toes and felt the breeze on your face when you leaned back and let your hair touch the ground.

To know that until your mind goes into the twilight you will always have your precious memories.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

love this post and the picture too!
love n hugs Laura

Irene Latham said...

To watch The Bachelorette and know you've already got the best guy in the world for you.
Were you as bored as I was with last night's guys? She's adorable, but I don't know... maybe they'll grow on me. Meanwhile, I love this post! Great pic. xxoo

Jenn said...


Your blog never fails to inspire!! I love visiting it.


Debra W said...


Thank you for sharing such beautiful "to's"! Your list is absolutely wonderful.


I love knowing that you are always there. You are such a sweet friend.


I love your "to"!

If anyone hasn't had a chance to stop by Irene's blog and to experience her poetry, you must treat yourself! She puts up one of her poems every Sunday, and they are wonderful. She is a published author who has won many awards. She is also a very sweet lady!


You are so kind! I really enjoy stopping by your site, too. Thank you for always lifting my spirits.

Hugs to all!

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

To constantly mix up conversations and people, but feel loved and accepted in spite of my foibles!!!

To being brave enough to comment at great risk of horrifying myself and those who read my comments.

To have found BBFF that are all so wonderful that I mix them up like I do my own children. I know each of them by name and who they are, but I still mix them up!

To laugh at our blunders.

To share running jokes and find humor in our humanity.

To feel accepted.

To feel appreciated.

To give and be vulnerable.

To hug across the internet.

To cry across computers.

To feel happiness, joys and sorrow with new friends.

To knowing full well you will likely fall on your face a few more times in your life, but be willing to take the risks.

To be vulnerable.

To be brave.

To juice. Or not, depending on which BBFF ou are.

To be quiet...before one's foot goes back in one's mouth.

Debra W said...

Oh Melissa,

You are so incredibly dear to my heart. Just know that no "mistake" you could ever make on my behalf would ever cause me to adore you any less.

Love, your BBFF,

pattie said...

To fly with the wings of my dreams.
To believe that I am exactly where I am suppose to be.
To listen to the messages of my heart.
To sing my own song.
To inspire myself and others.
To dance with the wind.
To laugh with delight.
To love with abandon..
Thank you for your wonderful grateful to have you visit my blog so that I could find yours...
Wishing you the magic of the day!
Artfully Yours...

cheryl finley said...

To be in the Presence of utter Stillness - and bask there a while.

To share bear-hugs with my daughter.

To witness a flower's bud open a bit, it's breathtaking!

To hear my mother's voice. To hear my dad's voice; and feel their love.

To "be"...just be still and know, and feel our union with Life.

Deb.. I'm so glad you came by my blog. Thank you for your warm words..and I'm glad you felt my message as well. Be well on this day my friend. Let your light continue to shine and care for you...I can see and feel it from here.
Blessings to you,

mermaid musings said...

you and the rest of your blogger friends have cover every single base...
to have the pleasure of "meeting" YOU while reading your lovely blog this afternoon.
I think We are kindred spirits.
I am sending you all my good energy and best wishes.
Let's stay in touch!
p.s. I think I recognize one of the pictures, perhaps Encinitas or Leucadia ;-)

Anonymous said...

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