Wednesday, September 9, 2009


This man. This man who felt like home from the moment I met him. This man who grabbed ahold of my heart and would not let go. This man, whose eyes I looked into at the very young age of eighteen and immediately recognized my future. This handsome, loyal, honest, more than hard-working, funny, dedicated, testosterone-driven, adorable, decent man is my husband of twenty-five years.
And I have to take this opportunity, on the eve of our twenty-fifth anniversary and on the event of my 201st post, to say thank you.

And to mention a few of the more than a million reasons why we are where we are, today.

-Saying hello to me on the hill by the Carrier Dome.

-Knowing that you were there by seeing your dorm room light go on from my dorm room.

-Taking me to the top of a ski slope in Spring to tell me that you loved me.

-Dancing at Bugsy's and Poets.

-Eating Toasted Honey Buns with vanilla ice cream at Cosmos.


-Burnt Hamburgers

-Camping with Whitney.

-Springsteen concert in Saratoga Springs when he played, Who'll Stop the Rain and then he waved to us.

-Working at the library together.

-The little notes I wrote to you in the Syracuse paper that you kept in your wallet.(You still have them.)

-Knowing that my dad liked you.

-That you knew my grandfather.

-Long walks in Santa Ana.

-The smell of orange trees.

-Buying our first home in Laguna Niguel.

-Speeding in the red corvette when I was in labor with AD1. You were so excited to be able to speed for a reason!

-Becoming parents for the first time.

-Buying our second home in Laguna Hills.

-Giving birth to AD2 and noticing that she was born with a rat-tail!

-Never cutting that rat-tail.

-The way that you treated my grandma.

-The way that my grandma ADORED you!

-Putting up with my mother.



-The Best-Man speech that you gave at Tony's first wedding.

-Angel Daughter Number Three on a very rainy day. Her deep belly-laugh.

-Chipmunk crawling up AD1's leg.

-The way that you loved my brother.

-Being pregnant, and pregnant, and pregnant, and pregnant AGAIN, and loving every minute of it.

-You putting your mouth up against my stretched belly to talk to our babies.

-The birth of AD4, our little surprise:)

-The way that our daughters all fell asleep on your chest when they were babies.

-The way that you allowed them to sit high up on your shoulders wherever we went.

-The way that AD4 would hold onto your ears.

-People asking if they are all ours.

-You showing up at all school activities and then going back to work.

-Moving to Ladera.

-Taking over the physical stuff when I became sick.

-Never complaining about my illness.

-Enjoying AD1's plays and choir performances, AD2's cheerleading, AD3's track and field competitions, and AD4's dance competitions.

-Whitney, Elijah, Becca, Mica, Cleo, Coury, Dusty, Sammy, Chloe, Harley, Jasmine, Arnie, Max Callie, Jersey, Momma and Rex!

-Hearing you come in the door everyday.

-The way that you schlep the girls wherever and whenever they need to go someplace.

-You always being there whenever we need you.

-Sea glass hunting.

-Loving you more after twenty-five years than I did on the day that I wore the white, puffy, princess dress and became your wife.
To our past, to our now and to our future.

Happy 25th, my love.


jojo said...

Absolutely beautiful! Happy Anniversary and many more...enjoy!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

happy anniversary what a lovely post~

Chawwles said...

This really is a great entry. Having had the pleasure of meeting all of you, I can see that you and your husband are truly a loving couple. Through that you've managed to raise quite a beautiful family, and I'm honored to have spent some time with you all.

Congrats on the celebration!

tj said...

...Oh Angel Deb this is beautiful! And so are you and your husband! And your girls! And your pets! :o)

...Congrat's to the both of you and here's to many, many more blissfully happy years together!

...Many blessings... :o)

Jenn-n-n said...

Happy Anniversary Debra and Angel Daddy!

I wish for you the most wonderful day!!

Anonymous said...

yay :) i love you very much and i have been honored to share 22 of those 25 years with you :D


mary said...

Have you heard Keith Urban's THEN? Give it a listen. :)

Debra W said...


You just made me and my youngest Angel Daughter cry...Thank you.


Something Happened Somewhere Turning said...

That was beautifully written my friend. Congrats to both of you.

Ness said...

You must have married my husband's brother because they have the same qualities. :-)

Happy Anniversary dearest Deb and her Hero, Touchstone and Best Friend. I hope to meet this wonderful Prince of yours some day...

Ness said...

I can't find a song by Keith Urban called me out please

prashant said...

This really is a great entry..

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Rachel Whaley said...

This truly made me break down just now. I want the love youve built, i want the happieness he brings you, and one day i hope i can say my dad likes my husband as well. I love you, and i love the fact that you and dad still love each other every single day.

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