Thursday, September 3, 2009

Introducing Angel Father Number One, More Musings from the Loveboat

This man, this debonair, dynamic, doting(on his four Angel granddaughters), impervious to Kryptonite, story-weaver of a man, is my dad(thanks for asking, Peggy!). If you are lucky enough to become of interest to him, he will serve as a mentor. Someone who will impart his seventy years of experience and wisdom in a way that very few are able to do. He is, by far, one of the most interesting and intelligent individuals that I have ever met.
He is also one of the silliest.
Which is a quality that has been passed down to another generation.
And is proving itself to be an extremely dominant gene...especially when it comes to Angel Daughter Number Four.(the one waaaaaay down there on the end with the impish grin)
This is Underwear Man. I am not exactly sure why, but there was a point during the Salute to the Cinema show that we went to see on the cruise, when a bunch of people in their underwear began dancing around the stage while others climbed up and hung from, what appeared to be, dangling bed sheets. Not exactly sure what movie they were trying to depict, but I pray it is one that my children have not seen.
Angel Daughter Number Three, Angel Daughter Number Two, my adorable husband, Angel Father and me.(I promise that I will post pictures of the beautiful Alaskan wilderness, very soon!)
If you have ever been on a cruise ship, then you will understand when I say that the cabins are teeny-tiny small. We had two cabins and we were still tripping over each other. Angel Daughter Number Four and AD2 humored me by allowing me to take yet another picture.
While playing Blackjack one night, I had the good fortune of meeting two very handsome young men. Ben and Chris(pictured above) sat down at a table I was playing at with AD1, AD2 and AR1(Angel Rita, my step-mom). When they first sat down and introduced themselves, it appeared that they had been good friends for years. We came to find out that they had just met on the cruise. It wasn't long before AD1 and AD2 became friends with Ben and Chris and the four of them became a little "pack". Both men were traveling with their lovely families, but I think that they were all relieved to find friends who were closer to their own ages. The four of them got together night after night, until Chris and AD2 gave into the spark which was apparent between them and began a bit of a "shipboard romance". It turns out that Chris only lives about an hour and a half away from AD2, so they will be seeing how things go onshore. He is a very talented young man who has a blog and is a very good writer. He is very polite, expressive and funny. I know that AD2 and Chris have plans to see each other very soon. Could our Alaska cruise soon be remembered as The Loveboat? Stranger things have happened...

I am back at home. Back by my sea. Back where my spirit feels most connected. But having new memories to share and enjoy, new stories to tell, new friends to bring into the circle...those are always very good things.


jenX said...

ummm, Dad is a looker!

Blue said...

what jen said.

i've never cruised before, but this looks like so much fun! someday.

i know it's labor day weekend so you probably have a big AngelFamily get-together, but if you're going to be at the beach tomorrow, maybe we could meet.

i'm flying in at 8am with my son to see John Williams at the hollywood bowl tomorrow night. we'll have the day to spend before we have to head to H-town. i was thinking of taking him to the beach. don't remember which one you frequent, but shoot me an email and let me know either way.

tj said...

...Ditto on what 'Jen' and 'Blue' said... ;o)

...And now for some reason I can't get that song from the Loveboat out of my mind! lol...

...And whatta cute couple AD2 and Chris make! I know I'm jumpin' the gun here but what cute kids those two would make! lol... Seriously. :o)

...And Angel Debra, you are just plain beautiful - both inside and out! ;o)

...Blessings... :o)

Chawwles said...

And yes, I'm behaving myself :) And as sad as it'll make tj, we'll go ahead and leave the baby making to a later date. We'll see how this weekend ends up, but I would definitely love the opportunity to meet up with your family again in the future!

Peggy Payne said...

Your dad is cool!!! And young. And you and he and the daughters look so much alike.

Ness said...

Love the pic of you and your dad. I would love to talk to him and soak up his wisdom.

Stranger things have happened that a romance starting on a cruise...mine started on the Internet at a diet support group...

I have never cruised...we heard too many stories about shipborn illnesses and neither of us need them.

My day is always brightened when I read your post. I am still coming to the West Coast just to see you and your beautiful family some day...Love,Ness

Art by Julie H. said...

Your dad looks like the captain of the Love Boat! : ) Looking forward to the Alaskan Wilderness pics!

Debra W said...
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