Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Mother's Job

I am getting ready to let go, yet again. Angel Daughter Number One graduated from college in May, adding a numerous number of feathers to her wings. We were lucky enough to have her home for the summer, but now, leases have been signed, boxes are being packed and days are being counted.(For more freedom by her. For less available hugs and kisses for me.)

This time is different. I am not setting forth into the world, a child. I am opening the door and waving good-bye to a woman. A beautiful young woman who must begin her own life, independent of me. Not that I am going anywhere. For as long as I live, I will always be home to four lovely souls.
But for now, I will allow myself to get lost in this face. In these eyes. I will focus on these lips when she speaks to me. Because she is the one who made me into a mother. And although the changes become much more subtle throughout the adult years, I will memorize her face as I did when she was a newborn into a baby into a toddler into a child into a teenager... Because there are certain subtleties that only a mother's mind can record, which cannot be captured anyplace else.

Fly, Angel, fly...It's time to defy gravity.


tj said...

...Oh Angel Deb, your daughters one and all are just so captivating! God bless her as she embarks on her journey...

...And God bless you for being such a wonderful mother and friend... :o)

jojo said...

You gave her those winds Deb, now stand back and watch her fly resting in the knowledge that she will soar.

jojo said...

wings...wings..not winds, but that could work I guess!

miruspeg said...

Beautiful, beautiful post Debbie.
I love how you have expressed your deepest feelings and thoughts for your beautiful angel.

She will definitely fly because as jojo said you gave her the wings.

Blessings to you and your angels always.

Ness said...

You and Mark shaped her into the mature woman she is today. Godspeed on her flight and may she never forget her way home. Fly safe and sure, AD1. Thanks for sharing her life with me, Debbie. She is truly amazing as are her parents.

rivergardenstudio said...

Yes, I feel she will soar too... as you do in your love and your writing... Roxanne

Mickey Johnson said... gave her a faith and her faith has taken wings...oh the plans He has for us! xo, mickey

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