Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Slice In-Between

In the midst of doing some household chores down at our beach house, a couple of days ago, something called my attention to the window. The day had been rather cool and grey and dreary, which to me is lovely beach weather. However, when I looked outside, something unexpectedly caught my attention. It was around six-thirty in the evening. The ocean was calm and flat. And peaking through on the horizon was a slice of orange-red sky highlighting the outline of Catalina Island. Wispy white puffs of cloud floated effortlessly throughout the skyline.
I reached for my camera, as I so often do, and a sliver of sun made its way out from underneath the dark cloak of ominous clouds which created a thick blanket of darkness across the heavens.
As I observed the transition between day and night and momentary day, once again, I realized that what I was witnessing was a segment between heaven and earth. Ocean and sky. And I stood in awe of the scene which was surrounding me.
For a moment, I had the distinct feeling that I was a small piece of it all. A fragment of something that mattered in the scene which was unfolding before me. That I, with my feet planted firmly on the earth, but with the wings of my soul struggling madly to reach up into the heavens, live on a slice somewhere in-between.

May you find your place in the "in-between" and know that it is exactly where you belong. May you take notice of your own slices of earth and sky, day and night, heaven and here. And may you nurture the feeling that you are a part of it all, and that for now, heaven is here.


jojo said...

'for now...Heaven is here.' That is just beautiful! Some times I need a little reminder that I am exactly where I am supposed to be.

Thanks for the sweet comments...I love Jadite but it is a rare find around here. I don't know why it is so hard to find...other collectors? If you do find a piece then it usually is priced way out of my range so sadly it gets left behind.
I love the idea of filling the milk glass with sea glass. Here's another ?what? for you...I've never seen sea glass. I know how strange that must sound but our beaches are so cold that we rarely see shells or any other little treasures...still love the idea though!

Take care Deb...beautiful post!

miruspeg said...

Oh Deb you nailed it today!! Right on the head!!!

I don't know of anyone who will
not walk away today and say, "WOW". The photos are absolutely stunning and really bring your message home.

"Let us spread our wings, may our broken hearts be whole
Let us dream the possibilities and allow them to unfold
Let us melt into the sunlight, let it open up our souls"
Pat McDonald

Big big hugs.
Peggy xxxx

Renee said...

I often read your blog, but do not usually comment. These pictures really spoke to me today as I need a little of peace and God blessed me with that through your photos and your always insightful comments.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

absolutely beautiful~

Laura Hegfield said...

The photos, your words... the emotions that arise from the fullness of your offering...God's offering...opens me to the miracle it is to be a tiny part of the whole.

You caught the essence of Yirah-Awe.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful sunset and heartfelt sentiment. Excellent post.

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