Monday, October 26, 2009

And at the end of the Day, Life is Very, Very Good

*Angel Daughter Number Three

For all that I have been through...Must still go through...These are the faces that make it all worthwhile. My growing daughters. My Angels. Each a singular being unto themselves, but also a part of something bigger. Much, much bigger.
*Angel Daughters Number Four and Number One

Beauty, growth and transformation...

*Self-portrait of Angel Daughter Number Two

With each step towards their independence, I envision what is possible, and I take a step towards mine, knowing that our futures will forever be intermingled.
*Self-portrait of AD2

For we are all headed there anyway. Towards our futures. Even in this second, this minute, this hour, this day...So why not head there with acceptance, togetherness and joy?
*AD4 and AD1. Our cat Callie. Baking Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bread together.

Creating. Working together. Learning from one another until we forget who knew it first.
*Angel Daughter Number Three

Stopping to share a moment even on the busiest of days. Reminding one another that we are family.
*Angel Daughter Number Four

Incidentally, it might be the eyes that give it away.(that we are family)

*Angel Daughters and their Dad, my Love.

Or the group hugs.

*Micah-Ten months.

Or someone's constant need to make everyone else in the family laugh.(Sorry, Micah:))
*San Clemente sunset on October 24, 2009

But at the end of the day, life is good. Very, very good. Because that is the way that I see it.

And regardless of all the background noise that sometimes tries to muck up the music, the soundtrack of my life, of our lives together, will always be We are Family(by Sister Sledge). And if you happen to be someplace with us and that song comes on, be prepared to DANCE with abandon. Because that is what we will do.

I am one very lucky woman.


Peggy Payne said...

Lovely in every way, Debbie.

WV LeAnn said...

So touching and true!!!!!!

Something Happened Somewhere Turning said...

How beautiful.


Mickey Johnson said...

...i think it is so necessary to focus on our blessings. the trials would see us drown if it were not for our blessings. it is so easy to get sucked down, but when you start being thankful for what you have...and let's admit it...we are indeed very blessed...somehow we begin to rise and float above it all and enter into a peace that passes understanding. stay thankful my friend and continue to rise and shine...xo, mickey

jenX said...

i just linger on your pictures a little longer, debby. they're so beautiful. i love them, and clearly these girls love their daddy. you hubby is so handsome. he looks like someone famous, but i can't figure out who! you have such a beautiful family. the best is yet to be. i swear i believe it. through the pictures i feel like i catch glimpses of your girls' personalities. angel #3 - the most mysterious of all. angel #4 - so vivacious. i'm not sure i can still tell 1 and 2 apart, but one of them has weight on her shoulders. pictures tell a lot, don't they? one thing that is always certain - in pictures of you is a woman who deeply loves and sacrifies for her daughters. like you said, forever intermingled. you inspire us all!

Bogart in P Towne said...

Ah the SoCal Sunset...

Is it bad that I am tired of the East Coast Sunrise and long for a life of the sunset?

Love the fam shots too!

miruspeg said...

Wow Debbie!
Indepth emotions captured and then conveyed thru this post!
You are an inspiration!
Especially love this line:
"Creating. Working together. Learning from one anonther until we forget who knew it first".

Being happy with what we have, while at the same time striving to be better or make things better is, I think, at the heart of being content. Contentment is a component of the feeling of serenity and peace.

Our happiness, well-being, contentment, satisfaction, peace, or whatever else we want to call these states of mind, is primarily driven from within. They come from the attitudes and perspectives we bring to our life situation. Those attitudes and perspectives are completely within our control and so then are all those wonderful states of mind that we so badly want to achieve.

I LOVE your song and would very happily dance with abandonment with you.

Peggy xxxxx

Sunshine said...

Hello Deb

How are you doing? Love the photographs of your daughters.. They are always cheerful and make other smile which is best quality in each of them...same is for you

Take Care


Laura Hegfield said...

Oh Deb,
Each angel a beautiful blessing! I love this post...the doing, the being, the loving of all that family means (including cats and dogs!)

Thanks for sharing your lovely family with all of us. I just finished preparing a blog entry for next week that features my oldest daughter Belin...somehow we must be riding a similar thought wave...stay tuned!

Nina P. said...

Wasn't there a song, focus on the positive, eliminate the negative... then I don't remember anything else.... (if I'm even remembering that right. ) I do so LOVE the We are Family song!! Great Uplifting post! Made me smile. We do have to focus on the positives and find Joy in life every day! You have a wonderful family... Blessings to you and yours. Love and Light, Nina P

miruspeg said...

Nina, to answer your question about that song it is called "Accentuate the positive, Elimate the negative" by Johnny Mercer. Perry Como and Bing Crosby sang it as well.....sorry couldn't help myself...LOL

Debbie, thanks for your lovely comments over at my blog and pleased you have chosen a word for the year....we can certainly all use extra "patience".

I will be travelling all over America for 6 weeks in July/Aug next year and California is on my list of places to catch up with some delightful blogging buddies.
I will keep you posted as the time gets closer. :)

Take care and big hugs
Peggy xxxx

Something Happened Somewhere Turning said...

Your husband reminds me of the guy from Desperate House Wives.

TheChicGeek said...

You are a lucky, lucky, lucky woman and you have a beautiful family. Your post has a big smile on my face. Growing up with three sisters I know how much love is in your home :)
Wishing you a Happy Day!

PS: I have Sister Sledge "We are Family" playing on my playlist right now...LOL
When my sisters and I were teenagers we used to dance around the house to that song and put on a show for our smiling boyfriends...LOL They LOVED it!

Hugs :)

Anonymous said...

You're so fortunate to have such a great family. I feel the same way about mine. Regardless of what happens, I find comfort in knowing that I have a supportive and loving fammily. Ulitmately, that's all anyone really needs.

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