Monday, November 17, 2008

Learning New Tricks and A Very Special Welcome and Thank You

There is something about an old dog that makes my heart grow indescribably full.  Maybe it's the grey hairs that mysteriously pop up above the soulful eyes and kissable snout.  Maybe it's the expressions of absolute need, admiration and love which have been well cultivated and well used over the years.  Or maybe it's in the knowing that our beloved dogs are with us for far too short of a time.  That one day they are puppies romping around like they will live forever and the next, they are our closest, most loving companions holding onto our deepest, darkest secrets as if their lives depend upon it.  Whatever it is, an old dog can tug at the heartstrings just as strongly as any fluff ball of a puppy ever has.  

Becca, our lovely Dalmatian/Lab/who knows what else, just turned ten years old.  Thank goodness she is in good health and seems to be made of good strong stock.(although my family says she is WAY too chubby, but that's another story for another day)  My youngest Angel picked her out on her way home from pre-school one day and somehow, she instantly became ours.  She was four months old when we brought her home, and she came into our house full of spunk!  We had another wonderful dog named, Elijah, at the time and instead of having to worry about him attacking her, she went after him like nobody's business.  Poor Elijah who weighed in at about one hundred pounds just cowered under his daddy's leg waiting for the attack of the killer puppy to end.  Becca and Elijah went on to become great friends, over the years, and sadly when Elijah passed away last year at the age of nine, Becca kept watch for him for a very, very long time.  Not easy explaining death to a dog.  But Becca bucked up and decided to stick closer to me.  I can't say I ever really minded being that my husband is at work all day and my daughters are either in school or away at college.  She is wonderful company.

And as I sit here typing busily away, Becca is snuggled securely at my feet, deep happy snores coming from her beautiful grey snout.  I am learning to cherish the time now that my Angel daughters are fourteen, sixteen, eighteen and twenty-one.  Not that I didn't cherish the time before, I just had much, much more to distract me from the moments.  The moments when you realize that not only are your children getting older, but so are you.  When I look at my old dog, it makes me want to slow time down so that I can have more.  More moments, more gratitude, more connections that are lasting.  Something about having an old dog can do that to you.  I suppose you can teach an old dog(well not that old!) new tricks.
On a totally different subject, I must take a moment to welcome any new readers who have popped over from Melissa's incredible blog, The Inspired Room.  Melissa, one of my favorite and oldest BFF's, featured my blog as her "blog of the week" and I have received countless visitors from her site today.  Thank you, Melissa, for featuring my blog and for introducing new friends to me.  You are such a talented and beautiful soul and it shines through in everything that you do.  Even as I have witnessed your site evolve and grow, you have remained the same sweet gal that you were when your blog was just an itty-bitty.  If you haven't already discovered Melissa's blog, please pay her a visit.  You will be inspired to live a more beautiful life!  To all of Melissa's readers who have come over to check out my blog, I wish I could offer you a cup of tea and some chocolate!  Instead, I am giving you these cyber-flowers to brighten up your day.  Please feel free to leave me a comment and say hello!  I really enjoy connecting with new blogging friends and visiting new sites.  Please don't be shy!  I know that Melissa has the best readers.  I do hope that you will stop by again.  It's nice to have you here!

May the moments that cause your heart to flutter happen slowly enough for you to hold onto them.  May you recognize the things that make you feel safe and loved and connected.  And like an old dog, may you live for right now, not constantly worrying about what tomorrow will bring.(Because all we truly have is now, isn't it?)


Laura ~Peach~ said...

we absolutely love the old dog that lives here... she is 13 maybe 14 now... and actually is supposed to be the neighbors dog but... she stays here most of the time.
Love your post as always more food for thought and reflection :)
Cool on being a featured blog you deserve that.
Hugs laura

GrannySmithGreen said...

What a wonderful post. (Melissa sent me from the Inspired Room) How we all need reminding of how time passes right in front of us. I sit here with my coffee, 3 year old and 9 month old--not to mention the 12 year pup as well. They age as I blink! I must go now and savor the moment!

Ness said...

My dachsies mean the world to me. They so outgive what I can give them back. They are my best listeners, provide comfort and soak my tears up when the day is not a good one. I need to head over to Melissa's room. Have a great day, Deb.

rivergardenstudio said...

Your dog is so beautiful, especially the gray hairs. I am staying home sick today, and "Murphy" is right here beside me... I love your writing. Roxanne

wyanne said...

Wanted to check and see if you had gotten my email with the pictures of the painting? I sent it a week ago and hadn't heard back...I think it might have gone into I decided to leave a note here. Let me know if you need me to resend them.


Debbie said...

Sweet , sweet dog. And congrats on being the blog of the week. I hope you get lots of new readers and friends.

Catherine Holman said...

Deb, Congrats on be featured on Melissa's Blog of the Week. I love the Inspired Room and have been reading it for quite some time.

I have an old dog too and love her dearly. Don't know what I'd do without. Great post!

Sylvie Van Hulle said...

A wonderful post. I try hard to live right now, every day. Thanks for your beautiful comment on my blog.

you've been tagged

(please don't worry if you don't have time etc.... thank you!)

Irene Latham said...

Old dogs, old men... LOVE them. Thanks for the update on your dad... what a journey life is. xxoo

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Aw, what a sweet post, Deb! You didn't have to mention me! {blush} Yes, we go way back, don't we? So wonderful to have special friends that remain with us and get to know us through all of our writing! :-) Thank you for being a wonderful BFF, encouraging others through your blog, and having such a positive place to spend some time!

BIG hugs to you!!!

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